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  • Information for Refugees

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The programme focuses on people with a refugee background whose entry to Germany was no longer than five years ago.

  • Persons entitled to asylum, persons recognized as refugees or persons entitled to subsidiary protection as well as persons for whom a national ban on deportation has been established as well as comparable persons who have a residence permit (§§ 25 Abs. 1-3, 22, 23 Abs. 1 und 2, 23 Abs. 4, 23a oder 25 Abs. 4, 25 Abs. 5 AufenthG)
  • Persons admitted on the basis of the Mass Influx Directive (§ 24 AufenthG)
  • Persons who have received a rejection in the asylum procedure carried out by the BAMF, but a deportation has been temporarily suspended (Duldung gem. § 60 a Abs. 2 AufenthG)
  • Persons who are in Germany through family reunification if they also have the residence status of "Stammberechtigte" (§§29, 30, 31, 32, 34 Abs. 1, 34 Abs. 2, 36)
  • Persons with a settlement permit who have not been in Germany for more than 5 years (§36 AufenthG)

Excluded are persons

  • Who are under a latent or immediate obligation to leave the country (§§ 50 Abs. 1 und 60a AufenthG)
  • With a residence permit (§55 AufenthG)
  • With a German educational qualification
  • With a German citizenship

NRWege scholarships are awarded according to the guidelines and with funds from the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKW).

Funding may be provided to students or prospective students with a refugee background who are highly motivated and are expected to succeed in their studies:

  • Earned credits or achievements in the preparatory courses (course achievements are reviewed every semester)
  • Abitur and/or BA/MA degree + Transcript of Records
  • Motivation letter
  • Proof of BAföG application or notification (acceptance/rejection)
  • Certificate of academic achievement (4th semester onwards)
  • Current financial situation/special needs
  • Social engagement


  • BAföG must be taken into account when awarding scholarships. Therefore, you must necessarily submit a copy of your BAföG decision (acceptance or the rejection letter).
  • If you receive funding from another source (e.g. BAföG or other scholarships), you must inform the respective source about receiving the NRWege scholarship and expect to reimburse them.

If you do not fulfill the requirements, we recommend looking for other financing options and also seek advice regarding BAföG.

Scholarship duties

  • Participation in the scholarship programme (frequent meetings, workshops, etc.)
  • Proof of credit points
  • Notification of changes
  • Submission of a scholarship report up to two months after the end of the semester
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