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Automatic event recordings

In central university rooms equipped with the appropriate Utilities Control Room, automatic recordings of events can be set up via the Panopto video platform. In the case of automatic recording, only the screen content transmitted to the projector and the sound played back via the room system (incl. the Lecture Hall microphone) is recorded.

Scope of services

Automatic recordings in supported rooms can be requested from Support. (see Prerequisites). Automatic recording can be set up for individual appointments as well as for appointment series (e.g. weekly event). Automatic recording records the screen content transmitted to the projector and the audio played back via the room system (including the lecture hall microphone). The videos are trimmed (beginning & end) by support and then made available in a Panopto folder. For courses, this can also be a Panopto folder directly connected to the learning room.


The videos can optionally be made available in a desired folder immediately after recording. In this case, no cutting of beginning & end is done by the support. The automatic recording can optionally be made available directly during the recording as a live stream. Panopto offers numerous configuration options (commentary function, table of contents, download option, audio podcasts, automatic subtitling). Feel free to contact us with your requirements and ideas.

Operating time

Automatic recordings are usually possible in supported rooms Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 20:00. Please contact us for a recording request at the weekend.


Supported Rooms:

All Lecture Halls of the Main University Building, all Lecture Halls of the X Building, CITEC Lecture Hall, Y Lecture

Hall Only the screen image transmitted to the projector (e.g. PC or laptop) and the sound played back via the room system (usually computer sound microphone) will be recorded.

Please inform us if there should be a change of date so that we can adjust the programming.


Target group

  • Employees (teaching staff)


  • Access to the videos in Panopto is via the "Videos" function in the learning room of the event.
  • Required access data for employees: Web authentication with Shibboleth.
  • Required access data for students: Web authentication with Shibboleth


Request via email to


  • Name of the event
  • Room
  • Desired recording dates
  • Responsible contact person(s)

Provisioning times

The department of automatic recording is done by the support within 2 working days.

Individual videos are made available within 2 working days after recording. (see options)


TiL Team
If you have any questions and/or problems, please contact the TiL team preferably by e-mail.

Tel.: 0521 106-12063


Instructions are available on the campus support portal at:

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