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MEDiS - Mobile Education Device Service

MEDiS(Mobile EducationDevice Service) is a free service provided by the Bielefeld IT Service Center that allows students at Bielefeld University to configure their mobile devices (notebooks, smartphones) to use the IT services offered by the university. Be it in case of error or data recovery.

Data gone? The screen stays black? Confusing error messages appear?
In all these cases MEDiS can help. No matter if laptop, hard disk, USB stick or SD card - by using special software it is possible to recover data that was thought to be lost. Data recovery from defective storage media is also possible in many cases.

The operating system "spins" or does not start at all?
MEDiS can help here as well. Defective hardware components can be identified by a comprehensive hardware analysis. If the operating system is merely malfunctioning, a data backup is created and the system is repaired or reinstalled.
As an additional service, the virus protection "Sophos Anti Virus" and the university's WLAN are installed and configured.

At a glance

  • Configuration of terminal devices to use the IT services offered by BITS.
  • Recovery of data from hard disks, USB sticks or other storage media
  • Identification and removal of malware
  • (Re)installation of operating systems
  • Identification of hardware faults
  • Installation of an antivirus program


View here:
Data gone under the radar?


Target group

  • Students

Deployment times

The provisioning time depends on the service required in the individual case.

Duty to cooperate

When submitting a device to MEDiS:

  • Student ID and official photo ID.
  • When handing in the device, the battery and power supply must be brought along.
  • A valid license must be available for a new installation of the operating system.

Privacy & Terms of Use

-> Privacy policy

MEDiS is a free service of the Bielefeld IT-Sercvicezentrum, which offers students of Bielefeld University the possibility to configure their mobile devices (notebooks, smartphones, hard disk or USB stick) in such a way that the IT services offered by the University can be used. Details about MEDiS can be found in the service description, which is available in the BITS consultation.

Students have no legal claim to MEDiS. The currently valid version of the usage regulations of the Bielefeld IT Service Center applies. The Bielefeld IT Service Center is not liable for damages resulting from the loss of data or programs during the service case.


BITS-Beratung (Support Office)
Room: University Main Building V0-215
Mo.–Fr. 09:30–16:00 h
Tel.: 0521 106-12777

This is where the equipment is received and issued.

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