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Sit out or drop out?

Do you want to sit out a semester or drop out of your studies?

Here you can find more information about the Leave of abscence or inspiration for a change of subject.

Application for Exmatriculation

You can order applications for exmatriculation with the attached form from the Student Office.

Upon application, you may exmatriculate or deregister when you

  • complete your studies after passing all examinations,
  • have not passed an examination,
  • end your studies without an examination,
  • want to change university,
  • drop out of your studies or take a leave of absence or
  • want to end your studies after failing to pass your last repeat examinations.

After re-enrolment into the upcoming semester, you can only exmatriculate at the end of the semester or with today's date. This also means that the current semester is then entered as a higher education semester on both the exmatriculation certificate and the certificate of studies. It also means that no further qualifications can be attained following an exmatriculation.
If you exmatriculate after the beginning of the semester (however, at the latest by 15 May for the summer semester or 15 November for the winter semester), your semester fee can only be reimbursed when the Uni-Card has not yet been validated for the semester in question. You can obtain a partial reimbursement of your NRW Ticket after the beginning of the semester until 15 May or 15 November directly from the AStA. You will need to hand in the unused NRW Ticket to the AStA following exmatriculation.

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