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    Re-enrolment & fees

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Re-enrolment & Fees

If you want to continue your studies at Bielefeld University at the end of a semester, you must re-enrol for the following semester. You can only re-enrol by paying the semester fee. The bank transfer form/email will be sent to you in good time.

Deadlines (approximately January for the summer semester; approximately July for the winter semester) will be announced on the university noticeboards. After payment of the semester fee, you will receive (as in your first enrolment) a computer printout with the new semester enrolment certificates. If you are using the UniCard, you are able to re-validate the UniCard for the next semester.

Note: Under special circumstances, the re-enrolment period [Rückmeldezeitraum] may vary (see the university noticeboards).

Re-enrolment deadlines

Please note that the semester fee must hit our account (value date) within the prescribed period.

Re-enrolment for summer semester 2024 ends on 29.02.2024
Re-enrolment for winter semester 2024/25 closing at 02.09.2024

Bankdata for Re-enrolment

If you are unable to register in the Application- & Statusportal, please use the following bank details. Please note the following:

  • The purpose (see bank details) may not be changed during the transfer - nor may additions (such as "No", "Purpose" or "Name") be added. It is also important to indicate the personal matriculation number, especially if the transfer is made by third parties (e.g. parents).
  • If the stated purpose is changed or omitted, the money cannot be booked and a re-enrolment would therefore not be possible.
  • In principle, the above procedure also applies to guest students (in german), whereby they would have to transfer 100,- Euro (with the exception of special guest students - special regulations apply here).
  • Cross-registered students must pay 100,- Euro.
  • If the transfer (value-date) is made after the re-enrolment deadline, a late fee of 10,- € has to be paid.

Information for first semester and doctoral students

➥ Please use your BIS/ekVV login in the online portal and the registration via the link Registration as an already enrolled student. If the login is not possible, you can use the bank details below.
This allows you to check the receipt of payment.
➥ The receipt of payment is considered re-enrolment.

Bank details for the wimter semester 2024/25

Data for the bank transfer

Name: Universitaet Bielefeld
IBAN: DE24 3005 0000 0000 0614 32
Bank: Ld Bk Hess-Thür Gz, Dus
Purpose: 20242yourmatriculationnumber
Amount: 300,75 EUR

More information

Student Services Contribution and Fees

The amounts for the summer semester 2024 are distributed as follows:

Germany-wide semester ticket 176,40 Euro

Studierendenwerk contribution according to § 2 of the contribution regulations
106,00 Euro
General contribution according to § 3 of the contribution regulations 18,35 Euro
Total amount 300,75 Euro

➥ List of all contributions from the summer semester 1991 (PDF)

If a study place is cancelled after the start of the semester, there is no legal entitlement to a refund of the fee. However, the fee can be refunded in individual cases upon application if the enrolment is cancelled by 30 September for a winter semester or by 31 March for a summer semester.

Students who find themselves in an economic emergency can be exempted from the obligation to pay the general student body fee by the General Students' Committee (AStA [Student Union]). In addition, the AStA [Student Union] can exempt students from the obligation to pay the mobility fee for the semester ticket in cases of social hardship/hardship case. Further information can be obtained from the AStA [Student Union] of Bielefeld University.

Allgemeine Gasthörer*ingebühr (pro Semester): 100,- Euro

Besondere Gasthörer*ingebühr: je nach Kurs bzw. Seminar
Gebühr "kleine/r Zweithörer*in": 100,- Euro

Gebühr für die Ausfertigung einer Zweitschrift:

  • Studierendenausweis 10,- Euro
  • Gashörer*innenschein: 5,- Euro
  • Prüfungszeugnis: 15,- Euro
  • Urkunde über die Verleihung eines akademischen Grades: 15,- Euro
Verwaltungsgebühr für:
  •  verspätete Einschreibung: 10,- Euro
  •  verspätete Rückmeldung / Beurlaubung: 10,- Euro
  •  verspätete Beitrags- oder Gebührenzahlen: 10,- Euro

Re-enrolment email

The request for re-enrolment is also sent by e-mail. The university uses the e-mail address stored in the ekVV for this purpose. If there is no e-mail address in the ekVV and you have not received a re-enrolment e-mail, you can also retrieve the re-registration data yourself in the Application- & Statusportal.

In order to be able to check the authenticity of the e-mail, both the e-mail text and the bank details are stored on this website. The e-mail also has a digital signature (certificate) (see below).

The e-mail is an additional service provided by the university. The legally binding announcement of the re-enrolment period and the semester fee payment continues to be published on the university's websites or in the
 Application- & Statusportal.

For guest students the above-mentioned procedure applies accordingly.

*** Deutsche Version ***

Dear students,

This email is to request you re-enrol for the winter semester 2024/2025. Re-enrolment is only possible by paying the semester fee.

The re-enrolment period ends on 02 September 2024. If the semester fee is received after this date, a late fee of 10,- € has to be paid. Therefore, please make sure that the amount hits the account of Bielefeld University by this deadline.

Please log in to the portal with your matriculation number and password:

and click on the tiles "Mein Studium (bereits eingeschrieben)" / „Mein Studium“. For this purpose, doctoral candidates must first change the role "Doktorand" to "Student" by clicking in the upper right hand field after logging in.

Via the ≡ Burger menu → "Studienservice" you can find all payments you have made to Bielefeld University under the tab "Zahlungen" (Payments). In addition, you can see here at any time whether your semester fee transfer has been received (still on time) or whether, for example, the late fee is already due.

To avoid booking errors, please use the "Copy & Paste" function for online banking and copy the IBAN, the amount and the purpose. Please make sure that you do not make any changes to these data or add anything (such as "No", "Reference" or "Name").

You can find the account details on the following website:

as well as in this email:

Account holder: Universitaet Bielefeld
IBAN: DE 24300 50000 00000 61432
Bank: Ld Bk Hess-Thür Gz, Dus

Reference: 20242Your matriculation number

Amount:  300,75 €

Purpose of payment

If you do not indicate the purpose of payment as follows “20242Your matriculation number”, your payment cannot be registered and re-enrolment would therefore NOT be possible. For this reason, please indicate the purpose of payment without additions (both in the case of an online bank transfer and in the case of a bank transfer using a transfer form). This applies in particular if the payment of your semester fee is made by third parties (e.g. parents).

Example: If your matriculation number were 7778899, your purpose of payment (Verwendungszweck) would be: 202427778899.

Semester certificates

After receipt of the semester fee and re-enrolment in the system, you can print your semester certificates directly from the system. To do this, use the same logon page and tile as described above and this time use the "Reports" tab. If you already have a UniCard, you can validate it after re-enrolment for the next semester. Further information about the Uni-Card can be found at:

Do you have any questions regarding the re-enrolment procedure?

At you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and problems.

Our service hotline is available at 0521 / 106 - 6666.

Please do not reply directly to this email but use this link for inquiries to the Student Office:

With best regards,

Team of the Student Office of Bielefeld University
Department of Studies and Teaching, Student Office

Universität Bielefeld
Universitätsstr. 25
33615 Bielefeld
Phone: +49 521 106-6666


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