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New learning platforms: Moodle and OpenMoodle as of Summer semester 2023

On this page, we provide information about the two new learning management systems that are expected to be launched in the Summer semester 2023: the new Moodle, which will replace LernraumPlus, and OpenMoodle, which will be made available for publishing open educational resources (OER) and other content intended for the public.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

"Moodle" is a new edition of LernraumPlus and thus a central learning platform for teaching at the university. As the name suggests, the learning platform is based on the same software as LernraumPlus (namely Moodle) - in contrast to the previous LernraumPlus, however, the new Moodle does not have its own proper name.

"OpenMoodle" is another platform in addition to "Moodle". Among other things, publicly accessible teaching and learning materials can be made available here. In addition to logging in via DFN-AAI, it is possible for other groups of users to gain access to the platform via self-registration or to access certain courses and materials via guest access without logging in.

The decision to link the update to Moodle 4.1 with a new instance depended on several factors. On the one hand, it makes sense from a technical point of view, as this allows better performance of the new platform to be offered. In addition, the last few years have brought new requirements for learning platforms, including opening access to other Universities or the public. Opening up the current LernraumPlus was out of the question.

With "OpenMoodle", a second platform is offered in addition to "Moodle" in order to be able to offer this "open access" as far as possible. Since with less access restrictions, certain security risks for the platform arise, this could not be done with the main platform for university teaching.

Starting in April, the LernraumPlus will initially be accessible with read-only access. If write access is required, the administrators/support can grant it temporarily. In the long term, LernraumPlus will be phased out and switched off.

"Moodle" is integrated as a tab in the learning space, just like LernraumPlus before. The connection will be identical, so that nothing will change for you in the creation and management of your contents. Both platforms will be accessible via a central login page, as well as via the direct links of both platforms.

On "Moodle" and "OpenMoodle", the connection to DFN-AAI is used as the primary login. Accordingly, you must first select Bielefeld University as the department in the DFN mask (this setting can be saved for future browser meetings). Afterwards you will be redirected to the Web Authentication where you can enter your login data (BITS identifier and password).

With DFN-AAI, the Deutsches Forschungsnetzwerk offers an authentication and authorization infrastructure that enables users to access resources and services of other institutions with the login data of their home institution. Further information can be found at

Restoring saved LernräumePlus is possible on both "Moodle" and "OpenMoodle". Since all three platforms are based on the "Moodle" system, this is technically only an update of the version. Due to the newer version, it may happen that not all functionalities work properly yet.

Starting in March, both platforms will be made available. From then on you can start moving your courses and materials from LernraumPlus. Various trainings will also be offered (information will follow by mail and on this page).

Several trainings regarding Moodle and OpenMoodle were held in March 2023. You can access the slides (in German) via the following link:


The course format "Grid" will no longer be available on the new learning platforms. Unfortunately, the additionally installed plugin will no longer be developed on a regular basis. Since this means that smooth use on the learning platforms cannot be guaranteed, there are no plans to install it.

In order to continue offering the advantages of the course format, the "tiles format" is available. This course format offers a very similar presentation and structuring of a course. The plugin is already installed in LernraumPlus and can be viewed and tested.

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