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    the new severely disabled person's card
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Sign in the severely disabled person's ID card

Characteristics can formalize some forms of permanent participation impairment and entitle individuals to various Disadvantage compensation or support services.

Characteristic if severe disability has been determined:


G Considerably impaired in the ability to move in road traffic,

i.e. due to limitations of the ability to walk, distances up to 2km can only be covered with considerable difficulties or under danger, e.g. in case of seizure disorders, walking disability, breakdowns of the ability to orientate, etc.

aG extraordinary walking disability,

i.e. even short distances can be permanently covered only with aids or external support, e.g. in the case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); multiple sclerosis (MS), loss of function of both legs from thigh height, severe diseases of the respiratory organs or severe cardiovascular diseases, etc.

H helpless,

i.e., when people require daily assistance, guidance or supervision from others for at least three frequently recurring activities such as personal hygiene, nutrition, mobility or communication.

Bl blind,

i.e. when there is no vision at all or a residual visual acuity of no more than 1/50th of the normal visual acuity or when there are visual impairments equivalent in their effects, e.g. tunnel vision.

Gl deaf,

i.e. there is a total hearing loss or a hearing loss bordering on deafness combined with speech disorders.

TBl deaf-blindness,

i.e. there is a hearing impairment with a GdB of at least 70 together with a visual impairment with a GdB of 100


B Accompanying person,

i.e. in the presence of the characteristic signs G, H or Gl an accompanying person can be taken along free of charge in public means of transport. The severely disabled person is not obliged to take an accompanying person with him/her at all times.

RF Radio/Television,

i.e. reduction or exemption from the obligation to pay broadcasting fees.

1st class,

i.e. with the 2nd class ticket the 1st car class can be used.

Signs for severe disability due to consequences of war:


EB entitled to compensation

VB entitled to pension


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