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Student offers

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On Campus Bielefeld there are information and self-help services organized by students on the subject of studying with a disability, chronic or mental illness.


The university group LiLiGoesMental is concerned with destigmatizing and raising awareness of mental health issues in the university context, for which various platforms are regularly offered for exchanges on topics such as stress, exam nerves and mental illness.

Important aspects of LiLiGoesMental's work are to show that those affected are not alone with their problems and difficulties, and to encourage an exchange within the university. LiLiGoesMental is not a counseling center, but is happy to refer those seeking advice to appropriate help services to the best of its knowledge and belief.

Unit for students with impairments and other strengths.

The autonomous department for students with impairments and other strengths (RSB) is part of the General Student Union (AStA) of Bielefeld University and is a student information and contact point for students and Prospective students with disabilities, chronic and mental illness. All staff, people working in the unit are themselves students with disabilities and/or chronic and mental illnesses.


The Nightline is a listening phone for students of all Universities and Colleges in Bielefeld.

Nightline offers the possibility to discuss problems or concerns anonymously and confidentially during the long evening hours. Neither callers nor Nightline staff need to give their names on the phone. Incoming telephone numbers are not displayed to the staff.

The Nightline is not a professional counseling center. The staff members are themselves pupils of different subject areas, who are good and patient listeners, have been specially trained for the telephone service and regularly undergo further training.

Phone hours are subject to change. For current phone hours, please see the information on the Nightline website.

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