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  • Biophysics & Nanosciences­ „Physics of Life“


    Sample preparation with an argon plasma jet
    Sample preparation with an argon plasma jet © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus


  • JPK Nanowizard
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus

    High Speed

    JPK Nanowizard
    A specialized scanner and height tracing allow for imaging with video rate speed to obverse biological processes in-situ.

  • RHK UHV 7500
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus

    Finest Details

    RHK UHV 7500
    Without the disruptive influence of air and humidity, this AFM can resolve much finer details down to submolecular level.


  • Asylum MFP3D
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus

    Force Resolution

    Asylum MFP3D
    Heating, cooling and the accessibility in liquids like cell medium makes it suited for investigations of live cells.

  • Bruker Multimode
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus

    Fast and Stable

    Bruker Multimode
    A fast and easy-to-use system for all-round measurements in air and liquid.


  • Optical Tweezer
    Universität Bielefeld/Niklas Biere

    Optical Tweezer

    Our optical tweezers, a commercial remodeling and a complete self made construction setup, have been optimised for jears to enhance best resolution when messuring forces down to the pico-newton scale.

  • Electronic devices
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus

    Patch Clamp

    Messuring electrical current through nanometer pores high sensitive devices for picovolt detection are needed.

  • Picotwist Magnetic Tweezer
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus

    Magnetic Tweezer

    Commercial Picotwist setup to messure forces when winding the samples, captured by magnetic fields.

  • Zeiss FCS Confocor II
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus


    For fluorescence cross correlation spectroscopy a Zeiss Confocor Microscope is aviable.


  • Spectrometer samples
    © Universität Bielefeld/Niklas Biere


    Our Shimadzu UV-2450 and PerkinElmer LS55 fluorescence spectrometers can identify and characterize various liquids by wavelength absorption.

  • Cell culture samples
    © Universität Bielefeld/Niklas Biere

    Cell Culture

    To prepare biological samplings for further investigation a well equipped laboratory is aviable.

  • R&K Langmuir trough
    © Universität Bielefeld/Jan Oldengott


    With an extended area of 1000 cm², our R&K Langmuir trough can produce exemplary large molecular monolayers.

  • Laboratory technician is reflected in a wafer
    © Universität Bielefeld


    A class 1000 cleanroom with High Efficiency-Particulate Airfilter (HEPA) equipped flowboxes in it ensure unsoiled work.


  • Self made HV plasma cleaner
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus

    Plasma Cleaner

    Our self made HV plasma cleaners are used to prepare and activate various sampels for microfuidic and others and can be used with different gases and mixtures.

  • Exposed wafer
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus


    With our imagesetter we are able to expose our own samples for microfluidic setups. A wet bench with heater in the cleanroom are also avaible.

  • Coater BAL-TEC MCS in sputter mode with Argon plasma
    © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus


    The BAL-TEC MCS is a reliable and versatile vacuum device for the sputter- and evaporation coating technologie.


  •  RT 8000 tribometer
    © Universität Bielefeld/Niklas Biere


    A RT 8000 tribometer is used for messuring friction and wear between various sorts of materials combined with several oil mixtures.

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