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  • Student Counseling Service

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Acedemic Counseling

  • Dr. Armin Brechling  (Dean of Studies)

Room: D4-240
Phone: 0521 / 106-5456


  • Dr. Matthias Schmidt-Rubart

Room: D3-151

Phone: 0521 / 106-6223


  • Prof. Dr. Gernot Akemann  (Master's Studies Mathematical Physics)

Room: E5-129
Phone: 0521/ 106-6202

  • Prof. Dr. Dario Anselmetti  (Biophysics)

Room: D1-203
Phone: 0521/106-5391

  • Prof. Dr. Dietrich Bödeker (Dean, Theoretical Physics)

Room: E6-136
Phone: 0521/106-6216

  • Prof. Dr. Lisa Stinken-Rösner (teaching degrees)

Room: D1-248
Phone: 0521/ 106-87830

  • Prof. Dr. Günter Reiss  (Nanosciences)

Room: D2-270
Phone: 0521/106-5411

Further, all teachers of the Faculty of Physics are available for questions concerning studies.

Student Counseling by Students

The student-run studies counseling is available for all studies. It is offered by members of the Student Council of the Faculty of Physics:

  • Fachschaft Physik

Rooms: D3-141 and D3-139
Phone: 0521/106-5257


Examinations Office

The Examinations Office of the Faculty of Physics is the first point of contact for the organization of studies, especially for questions concerning exam modalities:

  • Jennifer Edelmann

Room: D3-155
Phone: 0521 / 106-5249


  • Anna Krotter-Lindhorst

Room: D3-155
Phone: 0521/ 106-5248


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