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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Screenshot of the Nextcloud login window

To be able to log in to Nextcloud, the same login data must be used as in the physics network. It is important to only use the username itself without the @physik... appendix. (Note: As a rule of thumb, the physics username consists of the first letter of the first name followed by the last name). The Nextcloud password is the corresponding password of the physics account.


Ada Lovelace

Username: alovelace

Password: Password of the physics account

Very important: Do not open the e-mail! Do not open attachments either! Do not forward the e-mail, except to us(

Please move the mail to the spam/junk folder to train our spam filter. If the folder does not exist, it may need to be created. This can be done as follows:


  1. Open the mail overview and right-click on the mail address of the physics mail address in the left folder bar
  2. Select "Create new folder"
  3. Name the folder "Spam" and create it as a subfolder of

Web interface

The web interface can be accessed via The spam folder may appear there as a junk folder. If neither a spam nor a junk folder is displayed, it can be created as follows:

  1. Go to the folder settings via Settings -> Folder
  2. Go to Create in the top bar
  3. Set the folder name to"Spam" and leave the "Parent" settings at "---". The display mode can also be left at "List".

It is sufficient to create the folder only once, as the folders are synchronised between the web interface and the email client (Thunderbird).

Gift card scam

If you have received a suspicious email in which someone pretends to be someone you know and asks you to buy them gift cards, it is most likely a so-called gift card scam. Such emails usually start with sentences like "Hello, are you there?".

In this case, please inform us immediately (and do not comply with the request in the email!).

Generally, we as Physics IT do not issue keys for Mathematica.

For the use of Mathematica in teaching (e.g. for lectures), the departmental student representative committee has a pool of licences that are issued exclusively to students for use in teaching. All you need to do is send an email to stating your name, degree programme, subject related semester and the name of the lecture for which the Mathematica licence is required.

For the use of Mathematica in research (e.g. in working groups or as part of Bachelor's/Master's theses), we have created separate instructions explaining how to set up the department.

Alternatively, Mathematica can also be used via the JupyterHub, regardless of the intended use. This works as follows:

  1. Log in to the JupyterHub ( with the physics account login data. The website is only accessible from the university network or via university VPN.
  2. Create a new notebook
  3. Select "Wolfram Language 13" as the notebook language

We do not offer support for SAP. Please contact the BITS Service Desk instead. This can be reached at and 0521 106-6000. Further information on SAP support at BITS can be found under this link.

Please ask the person on your floor/area who is responsible for technical issues first.

These are:

  • D0: Berthold Völkel
  • D1: Christoph Pelargus
  • D2: Jan Schmalhorst or Karsten Rott, otherwise directly via us
  • D3: Stephan Wörmer
  • D4: Christian Meier
  • E5: No technical staff available, technical contact for many things is Jürgen Schnack, otherwise contact via Nicole Buth
  • E6: Markus Klappenbach & Olaf Kaczmarek
  • Didactics: No technology available, contact via Lisa Stinken-Rösner
  • Lecture technology: Michael Berg

If the relevant staff people are also unable to help out, you are welcome to send us an email to with a description of your problem. Please state the conditions under which your problem occurs and what steps may be necessary to reproduce it.

It is also quite possible that your problem will be mentioned in one of our guides.

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