• Bielefeld University’s 50th anniversary 1969 - 2019

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The university anniversary academic programme

Scientific Board university anniversary

Prof'in Dr. Angelika Epple
(Head of Scientific Board)
Prof. Dr. Herbert Dawid
Prof. Dr. Kai Kauffmann
Dr. Britta Padberg
Prof. Dr. Günter Reiss


Coordination university anniversary academic programme

Thomas Abel

Academic programme

Academic events under the motto ‘The Theoretical University’ are a key part of Bielefeld University’s 50th anniversary programme.

Together with both the Vice-rector for Research, Young Scientists and Equal Opportunities and academics across all faculties, the Scientific Board commissioned by Bielefeld University’s rectorate to commemorate the university’s anniversary has prepared various formats and created an extensive programme.

All interested parties are cordially invited to attend the events in the academic programme marking the university’s anniversary.

An overview of the academic programme

The university anniversary academic programme comprises

  • a series of lectures on Bielefeld University’s research profile entitled Transcending Boundaries. Impulses for the research worlds at Bielefeld University. These will take place from May to December
  • a students’ conference Student Research: students do science on 14 November, at which more than 30 students will be presenting their research projects
  • an interdisciplinary conference entitled ‘The theoretical university’ in the data age. Have the great theories become outdated? This will be held on 14–15 November and focus on the role of theories in different academic disciplines in the age of Big Data
  • a workshop entitled 50 years of Bielefeld University: Controversies. This will take place on 4 and 6 December and be dedicated to the history of Bielefeld University with a range of focuses.