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Call names in the PEVZ

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Staff members have the option of using a "call name" in the university's IT systems by registering it in the PEVZ. How this works and what effects it has is described on this page. Students can change their calling name themselves in the PRISMA portal.

ID card name and calling name

When employees are hired, their birth name or ID card name is usually recorded in the university's Identity Management System (IDM). However, there are reasons to use a different name - the "call name" - in the external presentation and in everyday work. The reason for using a call name in the IT systems was, on the one hand, the desire to give TIN staff the option of displaying a name of their own choice, but there are also independent reasons for using a name that differs from the ID name:

  • a double name as a birth name ("Eva-Lotta"), which is not actually used ("Eva"),
  • the wish to use a gender-neutral first name (e.g. "Kim")
  • the use of a common name abbreviation ("Robbie" instead of Robert).

If people want to change their first name in general or have already done so, they still have to go through the Name Change Act. As soon as the name on the identity document has been changed, the person can have their new name changed directly in the personnel department and does not have to take the way via the "call name".

Change of name

If you want to change your name in the PEVZ, you cannot do this yourself, but must contact the colleagues who maintain the PEVZ for your area. They can change the name in your entry.

The contact details are displayed when you click on the link "Contact persons for correction requests" to the right of your entry.

Before you order the change of the name, you should consider that your displayed name in the PEVZ is part of the external presentation of the university and is displayed in many contexts (see the next paragraph). A change should be as permanent as possible and the name should not be too informal for the official context.

Display of the "call name"

The name displayed in the PEVZ is first automatically transferred to the IDM and stored there in the "Call name" field. Staff members can also change their "call name" in PRISMA themselves, so can students. However, the calling name is only transferred from the PEVZ to the IDM and not vice versa - so that a change that affects all systems should be maintained in the PEVZ.

"Call names" are transferred from PEVZ and IDM to all connected systems, e.g. Zoom, the learning platforms, the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) and many more. The chat service "Matrix" does not transfer the call name from PRISMA, here you would have to contact the support directly: Contact Matrix Support Also login names and email addresses are not automatically adopted and may need to be changed separately. Details on changing the display name for e-mail addresses are described in this help page:

Mail address display name

Questions regarding the display name in mail addresses should be directed to your EDP supervisor (Faculties) or the Service Desk (Central Administration).

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