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Trainings in Research Data Management

Training for Students

Data Literacy: Working with Data in Studies

The seminars "Working with Data in Studies" are aimed at students and each of them deals with a selected topic of data literacy. The courses are held as part of the program "Richtig Einsteigen - Data Literacy". Each course takes 1.5 hours. All dates are completed events that can be attended individually.

The following topics are offered (course language is German):

  • Organizing (research) data: Tips for working more effectively
  • Data protection for personal data in research projects
  • Avoid data loss with backups
  • What is research data, where to look for it and how to use it?
  • Good science - how does it work?

Seminar "Open Minds for Open Science - An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Open Science" (partly in English)

The seminar is aimed at all students interested in the topic of Open Science and, in particular, at students considering a career in the scientific field. It is organized by the Faculty of Education as part of the module "25-BE-IndiErg14 Data Literacy" and takes place regularly in the summer semester.

Further information: Link to eKVV (in German)

Seminar "Data in Study and Everyday Life: From Data Acquisition to Digital Self-Defence" (German only)

The seminar is aimed at students who wish to address fundamental issues of information and data literacy in their studies. A second block of content will deal with the topic of data protection and digital self-defence in the private sphere as well. The seminar is organized by the Faculty of Education as part of the module "25-BE-IndiErg14 Data Literacy", takes place regularly in the winter semester and will be held in German only.

Further information: Link to eKVV (in German)

Training for Researchers

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Competence Center for Research Data
E-mail: data@uni-​
Phone +49 521 ​106-3967
Office Bldg. X, F1-​220
Universitätsbibliothek    BITS

PEP seminar: Introduction to Research Data Management

The seminar provides a compact overview of the requirements and offers of research data management. It is aimed at researchers who wish to learn about the quality-conscious handling of research data and the research data services offered by Bielefeld University. Further information and Registration

PEP workshop: Creation of an individual research data management plan

The aim of the workshop is for the participants to draw up an individual data management plan for their own current research project under guidance. After a thematic introduction, we will use the DMP tool "RDMO" for this purpose. Further information and registration

PEP seminar: Research data and software under control with GitLab

GitLab, which can be used free of charge by all members of the University of Bielefeld, enables versioned storage of files and is ideally suited for software development and for sharing research data. In addition, GitLab supports working in groups and in projects, e.g. through wikis and issue tracking (ticketing systems). This seminar offers a practical introduction to working with GitLab and the underlying software Git. Further information and registration

Training courses of the Service Center for Medical Data Science

Our colleagues at the Service Center for Medical Data Science offer training courses on research data management specifically for researchers at the Medical School OWL and the University Medical Center OWL. Further information and registration

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