• Bielefeld Science Award

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Bielefeld University
Dr. Gerd Meier
Personal Assistant to the Rector
Tel.: +49 (0) 521 106-4073
Email: rektorreferent@uni-bielefeld.de


Sparkasse Bielefeld Foundation
Christoph Kaleschke
Head of Corporate Communication
Tel.: +49 (0) 521 294-1060
Email: christoph.kaleschke@sparkasse-bielefeld.de

Selection Committee

  • Professor Gerhard Sagerer (Head of Selection Committee)
    Since 1990 Professor of Applied Informatics at Bielefeld University and since 2009 Rector of Bielefeld University.
  • Professor Ulrike Davy
    Since 1998 Professor of Public Law, German and International Social Law and Comparative Law at Bielefeld University. 2011-2015 Managing Director at Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF).
  • Professor Julia Fischer
    Since 2004 Professor of Cognitive Ethology at Georg-August-University Göttingen and Speaker of LeibnitzScienceCampus primate cognition.
  • Professor emer. Dieter Grimm
    Professor emer. of Public Law (Humboldt-University Berlin), Judge (retired) of the Federal Constitutional Court and former Rector of the Wissenschaftskolleg (Berlin).
  • Professor emer. Bettina Heintz
    Since 2013 Professor of Sociological Theory and General Sociology at Luzern University.
  • Dr. Thomas Assheuer
    Since 1997 feature editor with the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT.

Advisory Members

  • Pit Clausen
    Since 2009 Lord Mayor of Bielefeld.
  • Michael Fröhlich
    Since 2017 chairman of the board of Sparkasse Bielefeld and its foundation.