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  • How finch parents influence their chick’s gut microbiome

    New episode of research_tv: Behavioural ecologists are reporting on their study on genetic and social factors. full story

    Zebra finch
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War in Ukraine

Current news about the conflict and contact points for refugees

Bielefeld University in the colors of the Ukrainian flag

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Energy Saving

Bielefeld University's approach to the energy crisis

reddish brown radiator

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Transcending Boundaries

At Bielefeld University, research means transcending boundaries - between disciplines, between people and between science and society. Our guiding principle of Transcending Boundaries is the impulse for top-level basic research at an international level.

About the research profile

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  • Hand holding a Petri dish with nutrient solution
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    Research Worlds

    Research at Bielefeld University moves in four worlds. They focus on big questions of the time.

  • Woman researcher operates the display of a service robot
    © Björn Volkenand

    In focus

    Involving users in the explanation process with artificial intelligence: This is what the Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 318 is working on.

  • Portrait photo of Heisenberg Professor Dr. Maximilian Benz
    © Philipp Ottendörfer

    The person

    Heisenberg Professor Dr Maximilian Benz is working on correlating medieval society and literature.

  • Scientist in the laboratory with robots
    © BRIC

    Well networked

    Under the umbrella of Bielefeld Research + Innovation Campus (BRIC), researchers and companies work on the challenges of the future.




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