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Learning platform for advanced training

The university Moodle platform "LernraumPlus" is mainly used for courses and teaching projects within the framework of studies and teaching. Nevertheless, the functions and the basic structure of the platform also lend themselves very well to the digital support of training and continuing education.

Scope of services

Moodle course rooms for continuing education can be requested from Support. In principle, all Moodle functions are available. In contrast to LernraumPlus for courses, access to a course room is either set up manually by Support or enabled via password access.

Functions: Different course formats, customizable permissions/role system, notifications, drag-and-drop editing mode and file upload, accessibility checking tools, different material types for teaching/learning content, many different activities: Polling, assignments, surveys, chat, database, feedback, progress lists, forum, peer review, glossary, group voting, journal (learning diary), lesson (step-by-step learning material), learning package integration, scheduler, tests/quizzes, surveys, wiki, etherpad


Moodle offers numerous configuration options for a wide range of formats and usage scenarios. Feel free to contact us with your requirements and ideas.


Target group

  • Employees



Request by emailing


  • Title/Type of Training
  • Responsible contact person(s)
  • Expected duration of use
  • Desired access (e.g. self-registration via password)

Deployment times

After creation by support staff (usually within 1-2 working days).


TiL Team
If you have any questions and/or problems, please contact the TiL team preferably by e-mail.

Tel.: 0521 106-12063


Instructions are available on the campus support portal at:

General support and instructions for Moodle are available at:


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