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  • The Hesitant Robot

    How much easier do people find following a robot’s statements when it makes pauses in speech or produces filler sounds? This is the focus of a new study by Bielefeld and Bremen universities. full story

    The test subjects in Bremen were fitted with an EEG cap to measure their brain waves during the experiment.
    © University of Bremen
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Transcending Boundaries

At Bielefeld University, research means transcending boundaries - between disciplines, between people and between science and society. Our guiding principle of Transcending Boundaries is the impulse for top-level basic research at an international level.

About the research profile

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  • Collage of two circles: On the left, an aerial view of a zebra crossing with a crowd of pedestrians; on the right, a microscopic image of cells.
    © v.l. adobe.stock/eyetronic; ebd./TatianaZorina

    Research Worlds

    Research at Bielefeld University moves in four worlds. They focus on big questions of the time.

  • Cube grid model
    © P. Pollmeier/Universität Bielefeld

    Research projects

    High-profile research projects are sponsored by, for example, the German Research Foundation or the EU at national and international level.

  • Picture of the person: Prof. Dr Benjamin Kiesewetter
    © Universität Bielefeld/M.-D.-Müller


    ERC Starting Grant winner Professor Dr Benjamin Kiesewetter is dedicated to questions of philosophical ethics and normativity theory.

  • Two arrows: One pointing up and the other pointing down.
    © P. Pollmeier/Universität Bielefeld

    Research transfer

    With its diverse transfer and exchange formats, Bielefeld University makes an important contribution to the development of a participatory knowledge society.



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