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Software offer

BITS and other departments offer students and employees of Bielefeld University a wide range of software free of charge or at special rates:

Scope of services

Sophos Anti-Virus


The virus scanner Sophos Anti-Virus is available for free use to all university employees with an account. Use is permitted both privately (Home Premium) and for business (Intercept X).

Full details on purchase and use can be found on the extra web page on virus protection.



Microsoft 365 / Office 365


Students and employees of Bielefeld University can enjoy Office 365 Education Plus (Microsoft 365) from Microsoft free of charge.

The Office package can be installed on up to five personal PCs or Macs, as well as on five additional personal mobile devices such as Windows and Android tablets or the iPad®. The latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access are always available.

The usage authorization is valid until the end of the studies or the end of the contract at Bielefeld University.

Private use for employees only
Microsoft 365 / Office 365 is not permitted for business use, but exclusively for private use. The same applies to the cloud service OneDrive offered therein. The university cloud sciebo is available for business use.


Registration and download for students and employees (private use only) is available at:

The e-mail address of the university with the extension "" is required.

Microsoft will help with questions regarding installation and use.

Important notes on installation and error messages

When logging into an Office 365 app for the first time, uncheck"Allow my organization to manage my device". Otherwise, an error message will appear and the app cannot be used.

Then click on "No, only register with this app" or "Only this app".

"A problem has occurred."

If this error message is displayed when opening an app, then the logon to it must first be disconnected again via:

Windows Start > Settings > Accounts > Access work or school account.

There, disconnect the corresponding "business or school account". Then open an Office 365 app again and follow this note when logging in.



SPSS Statistics is a modular program package from IBM for the statistical analysis of data. It enables basic data management and extensive statistical and graphical data analysis with the most common statistical methods.


Via the software portal of Bielefeld University.

Provision on the workstation computer via the EDP supervisor of the faculty/department or purchase of a single-user license via SAP.

Purchase of the software for 51€ per license year via the Nexway(asknet) store.

Online registration at:

Activation of the portal is only possible after sending the current certificate of enrollment and the application for activation (by e-mail or fax). The activation takes about one day. A confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

The order of SPSS is only possible after the activation!

The ordered software is available for download within the portal. A data carrier can be ordered separately for an additional charge. The corresponding invoice will be sent by mail. The invoice amount has to be transferred within 21 days to the following account



MindManager is a program that implements the increasingly popular mind mapping strategy for the PC. Especially for brainstorming sessions or project work, the so-called mindmaps (memory maps) have proven to be very useful. MindManager integrates perfectly with MS Office products. Import or export from MS Word and Excel is possible.



Provision of campus license on workstation computer through faculty/department IT supervisor*s.

Since 2010, all students at Bielefeld University have been able to apply for and use the software on the basis of a campus license. Since August 2015, a provisioning fee of 4.99 EUR has been added.

The software can be purchased on the site:
Download website [in german]



Origin is an analysis and presentation program for scientific data. In addition to displaying raw data in publishable graphs in 2D and 3D, Origin handles many common analysis techniques.
In December 2007, Bielefeld University purchased an Origin campus license. This license, which is co-financed by student fees, allows all university members to use this software free of charge.


A quick guide to the procedure and the download link can be found at:



The Citavi literature management system enables the collection and tracking of references and related information such as notes, summaries and citations as well as the location of the text in the UB or the URL of the full text. Citations and associated references can be inserted into works at the touch of a button, and bibliographies can be generated in any style.


The campus license allows all university members to upgrade from Citavi Free to Citavi Pro (including team functionality) free of charge. Download via


Support via the UB's Literature Management team.




EndNote is an English-language and paid literature management program. Suitable for science, research or teaching, it facilitates formatting citations.
Available for Windows and Mac OS.

Further information at


At a reduced price via the software portal (asknet) of Bielefeld University.

Provision on the workstation computer after purchase of a single-user license via SAP.

No discounted version available via the university.


Target group

  • Students
  • Employees

Access and application

Is different depending on the software product (see above).


For students
BITS-Beratung (Support Office)
Room: University Main Building V0-215
Mo.–Fr. 09:30–16:00 h
Tel.: 0521 10612777

For employees with a PC workstation provided by BITS
Service Desk
Mo.–Fr. 08:00–16:00 h
Tel.: 0521 106-6000

For other employees
Decentralised IT support of the faculty or institution.

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