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Application and enrolment


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An application is required at Bielefeld University for degree programmes with restricted admission (NC) as well as for Open-admission degree programmes. A disability, chronic or mental illness can be taken into account in the application procedure if necessary.

Requesting Disadvantage Compensation for the Application

An Application for disadvantage compensation can be submitted if

a) during your schooling you had performance impairments that prevented you from achieving a better average grade (Application for Disadvantage Compensation to improve your average grade)


b) there were circumstances during your school years that delayed the acquisition of your university entrance qualification (Application for Disadvantage Compensation to Improve the Waiting Period).

An additional Special request application must also be submitted so that a corresponding Disadvantage compensation can be taken into account in an application. Further information on Disadvantage compensation as part of the application.


Application via the so-called Hardship quota

In order to be able to compensate for particularly serious disadvantages due to social, health or family circumstances, one can apply via the Hardship quota. However, the number of study places awarded via the hardship quota is very limited and it cannot be guaranteed that the application will be considered here. The Foundation for University Admission has compiled information on how admission chances can potentially be improved (PDF).

You can also apply for several degree programmes individually. You will receive a separate admission or rejection for each application. In the event of admission, you may enroll or change of programme. If there are any move-up procedures, you will automatically take part in them.


In case of rejection, you can still apply for the Lottery afterwards .



After a successful application you have to enrol for your Subject at Bielefeld University. Enrolment is possible in writing. A personal appearance is not required.

Information and contact

Prospective students can obtain detailed general information on application and enrolment from the relevant assistant in the Student Office.

The external counseling center Kombabb advises Prospective students with disabilities, chronic or mental illnesses on all disability- and illness-related questions regarding application and admission.

If you have any questions, you can, of course, also make use of the advice provided by the ZAB.

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