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  • Biophysics & Nanosciences­ „Physics of Life“

    RHK UHV 7500 AFM
    RHK UHV 7500 AFM © Universität Bielefeld/Christoph Pelargus

Anselmetti Lab

Quantification of selective and specific biomolecular interaction mechanisms and their associated dynamic and regulated cellular properties and processes in biology, medicine and technical NanoBioMed applications.

The lab was established in 2000 by Dario Anselmetti in the Faculty of Physics and is integrated in the Bielefeld Institute for Nanoscience (BINAS). In 2003, the lab initiated one of the first hands-on experience science labs for children education in physics – see also teutolab-physik.

Nanoscience view to the Physics of Life

Using cutting-edge nanomechanical single-molecule and single-cell methodology like atomic force microscopy, optical and magnetic tweezers, and micro- and nanofluidic lab-on-a-chip devices, we investigate the physical framework of how molecules and cells interact. The main focus lies on the molecular investigation of the structural and functional aspects of molecular self-assembly, biological recognition and regulation, glycobiology-biophysics of marine organisms, nanopores and nanomembranes, as well as fundamental research applications in medicine for prospective treatment of cancer, infections and cardiomyopathies.

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Prof. Dr. Dario Anselmetti

Prof. Dr. Dario Anselmetti


+49 521 106-5391
UHG D1-260
+49 521 106-2959
Telefon Secretary
+49 521 106-6870
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