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  • Recognition of Study Requirements/Credits


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Recognition of study requirements/credits and placement in a higher subject-related semester

If you have completed study requirements/credits outside of the degree program you are currently studying and these are to be incorporated into the degree program, then this is referred to as recognition. Reasons that make a recognition necessary are e.g.

  • Change of Universities
  • Change of Subject
  • Change of subject-specific regulations
  • Recognition of academic achievements within the framework of the Erasmus program

The general procedure for this recognition is shown here:

In the Faculty of Physics the following procedure is used:

1. the applicant submits the following forms and documents to the dean of studies (Dr. A. Brechling, D4-240):

  • Online application for recognition of academic achievements (in German) (please click in the field "online Eingabehilfe").
  • Application for recognition and classification + tabular list of academic achievements to be credited (both documents only need to be submitted if a classification in an older version of the subject-specific regulations is requested)
  • Proof (original or certified copy) of academic achievements (transcript, Certificate of Achievement, etc.). For academic achievements at the University of Bielefeld, the transcript is sufficient.
  • For academic achievements outside the University of Bielefeld, explanatory documents on the type and content of the courses and modules (course-related examination regulations, Module Guide; if applicable, further documents such as course description, course catalog, comments on courses, etc.) must also be submitted.

The dean of studies decides which academic achievements will be credited and in which subject-related semester you will be classified, if applicable, and forwards the documents to the examination office Physics.

The examination office will issue an official letter stating in which subject-related semester you will be placed. You will be notified by the examination office when the letter is ready for you. If there is no change of study model associated with this recognition, the recognized academic achievements will be entered directly into your transcript by the examination office.

If the recognition is also connected with a change of study model, a change of subject, or even a change of University, then you must first go to the Student Office with the documents from the examination office and submit an Application for enrolment.

5. after a successful change of program/enrolment you should inform the physics examination office because only then your recognized academic achievements can be entered in your transcript.

For organizational questions please contact the physics examination office (, 0521-106-5248, D3-155) for content-related questions please contact our dean of studies (, 0521-106-5456, D4-240).

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