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    Application in the dialogue-oriented service procedure for prospective students at Bielefeld University

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Application in the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV)

Many universities have admission restrictions (NC) for certain degree programmes. Prospective students therefore often apply for several degree programmes at different locations. As a result, they often receive several offers of admission/admission offers, which can block study places for a while and make succession procedures necessary.

The dialogue-oriented service procedure supports universities in their admission procedures by centrally comparing offers of admission/admission offers. This prevents an application from receiving multiple admissions. Admission is only granted for the study programme with the highest, self-selected priority. Study places with a lower priority can then be allocated to other applicants without delay.

All further information on the application and the DoSV process can also be found on the website.

How the application works

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    Step 1

    Registration at

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    Step 2

    Registration and application in the Bielefeld University application portal

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    Step 3

    Enrolment in the application portal of Bielefeld University

Various documents (school leaving certificate, FSJ service certificate and, if applicable, evidence of special request applications) must be uploaded to the application portal as PDF documents. Please prepare these. The maximum file size per PDF file must not exceed 5 MB.

After registering with the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung on, you will receive your applicant identification number (German 'BID') and the corresponding applicant authorisation number (BAN). You must then enter these numbers in the Bielefeld University application portal when submitting your application. The numbers are used to exchange data between and the Bielefeld University application portal.

On you can track the progress of applications for a 1-subject bachelor's programme or the first examination. In the case of a later offer of admission/admission offer, the offer is also accepted via the application portal of


First register in the application portal of Bielefeld University and use the applicant ID (BID) &
applicant authentication number (BAN).
You will receive this from


Then log in with your applicants account and start the application.

You will be guided through the application by an assistant. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). You can obtain support for individual input fields by clicking on the "Info" icon. If you still have technical or specialised questions, please contact the offices listed under "Help and support". You can interrupt the application form at any time and resume it later if, for example, you need to research additional information. Your previous details will be retained.
In addition to specifying your desired degree programme, the application also includes your university entrance qualification data (HZB for short, usually German) 'Abitur' and, if applicable, details of any service completed, vocational training or other applications, e.g. for exceptional hardship. You can obtain information on this from the Student Advising and Counselling Service (ZSB) or the Student Office.

You can only change the application and the associated information before you finally submit it by clicking on "Submit application". After that, changes can only be made after the application has been withdrawn and the application will not be processed by Bielefeld University until it is resubmitted.

If you receive an offer of admission/admission offer within the coordination phase, you will be informed directly by by email.

➥ Accept the offer of admission/admission on and register in Bielefeld University's application and status portal.


Which degree programmes are awarded via

Please refer to the following table to find out which degree programmes at Bielefeld University are awarded via in the winter semester and which in the summer semester:

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