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Accommodation in Bielefeld

Bielefeld University does not arrange apartments/rooms for students (with the exception of Erasmus+ and other cooperation students). Students have to look for a room themselves. Please refer to information on this page. Support from the International Office is possible, especially for students in English-language degree programmes.


Whether it's a shared flat or a single flat - the right home is an important feel-good factor. If you are new to Bielefeld and move into a shared apartment, you will quickly make contacts and save money, but you will also have to make compromises and learn how to organise living together. Those who long for peace and quiet after a long day at university will probably feel more comfortable in their own flat.

Housing and accommodation agency

Studierendenwerk Bielefeld mainly runs its own halls of residence and a few halls of residence run by other providers with currently approx. 2700 places. Those who apply to the Studierendenwerk Bielefeld for a place in a hall of residence must nevertheless expect a waiting period, because the demand is much greater.

Other suppliers


These web addresses are mostly free placement exchanges for flats, rooms, houses and shared flats.

These newspapers offer a possibility to search for flats or to display advertisements for flats.

If you have only been offered a study place in Bielefeld at a very late stage, or if you want to spend several days in a row looking for accommodation
without having to travel a long way each time, it is best to find accommodation at short notice.

Departmental student representative committees

Some departmental student representative committees at Bielefeld University organise short-term accommodation for their "first-year students" who have not yet found a place to stay at Course start. It is therefore worth taking a look at the Ersti pages of the departmental student representative committee that suits you best.

Hotel flats of the Studierendenwerk

Youth hostel and education centre

Social Services - Counselling Centre for People in Social Difficulties / Assistance for the Homeless

Further useful information

The tenancy agreement must state who the tenant and landlord are, which flat and which rooms are being rented, how much the rent and service charges are. The start of the tenancy and the period of notice must also be stated. If you have problems with landlords, the AStA [Student Union] Legal Advice Service and the East Westphalia-Lippe Tenants' Association can help you.

If you move into a room in a Studierendenwerk hall of residence, you usually don't have to take care of cable TV, internet connection and electricity providers yourself - all of this is often already included in the rent. For everyone else: check the various offers thoroughly and in good time! And before moving in, you as a tenant should read the current meter reading and inform your electricity supplier when signing the contract. Another tip: To be able to get out of a contract quickly if you move or spend a semester abroad, make a note of the term and notice period immediately after signing the contract.

Anyone moving to Bielefeld is obliged to register with the city. It is best to register with your first residence, because a second residence tax is levied in Bielefeld.

To move into some flats you need a Wohnberechtigungsschein. For the districts of the city of Bielefeld close to the city centre and for those who previously lived outside of Bielefeld or NRW, the Social Welfare Office is responsible.

For a smooth move, you will not only need helping hands, but also a suitable means of transport. At the AStA [Student Union] secretary 's office, you can rent vans of various sizes.

If you are still missing one or two pieces of furniture, you can find them at the flea markets in and around Bielefeld. Furniture is also offered on the notice boards at the university from time to time.

Living in a student hall of residence can also be interesting for students with a child or children. In Wertherstraße 148, a Studierendenwerk hall of residence, single parents with children are given priority.

If you are looking for a daycare centre, you will find three daycare centres run by the Studierendenwerk in the immediate vicinity of the university and the Studierendenwerk halls of residence.

Contact: Family Service

Several of the Studierendenwerk Bielefeld's halls of residence have barrier-free flats or flats.
If you would like to apply for a barrier-free place in a hall of residence, it is advisable to contact the Studierendenwerk's Housing and Accommodation Office directly beforehand in order to clarify your personal needs and what the Studierendenwerk can offer.

Halls of residence run by other organisations and the other housing market also offer opportunities for barrier-free living. Perhaps you already have a flat and need a change in it. If you need advice, you can contact the housing advice service at the city of Bielefeld.

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