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Learning zones at Bielefeld University

Finding the right place to learn

Do you want to catch up on a lecture on your own quickly, read a book in peace, or discuss something in a group? Do you need any special technical equipment or wish for support? Preferences for seating can also vary greatly on an individual basis—do you prefer lively or quiet places? This page aims to provide you with an overview of the diverse offerings and help you find the suitable workspace.

The library is characterized by a unique working atmosphere and is primarily known for quiet and focused work. In addition to the traditional reading room and computer workstations, you will also find quiet zones. Furthermore, the library offers interesting options for groups, such as bookable discussion rooms where you can remain among yourselves, and open learning spaces with flexible furniture.

In the central hall area, you will find the Co-Learning Spaces C0, V0, and V1. They are equipped with comfortable facilities, flexible tables, display boards, as well as analog and digital visualization capabilities. These spaces are often frequented by students who wish to work alone or in small groups in a lively atmosphere.

The Bielefeld IT Service Center (BITS) operates PC rooms where students can browse the internet, conduct research, print, and access email services using university computers. Particularly helpful: During the BITS consultation hours, you can get direct assistance and have your questions answered regarding the IT services offered by BITS and the recommended client software products.

The media rooms of the eLearning.Media department provide various facilities, including audio recordings in a soundproof booth, studio recordings in front of a greenscreen, or the production of instructional/learning videos using techniques such as stop motion. Additionally, there are design options available in the fields of graphics, web development, and photography, as well as high-performance workstations for tasks such as 3D modeling or augmented reality.

The Accessibility Services (ZAB) operate two rooms for students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or mental health conditions. These rooms are equipped with assistive technologies and designed to be particularly low-stimulus environments. If needed, the rooms can also be used for examinations as part of an accommodation for students with disabilities.

There are numerous workspaces available in the central hall area and on the gallery. They are particularly suitable for shorter periods of time. In the X building, there are also seating niches available in some corridors.

Some seminar rooms are made available for students to use on a semester basis. Additionally, the lecture period, it is possible to use unused seminar rooms between classes.

The gastronomic facilities offer many opportunities to enjoy a coffee or snack while working on university-related tasks. In the cafeteria, Dining Hall 3 is designated as a study space from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Behind the UHG (University Main Building) are seating areas available. The Enzis, which are set up between the UHG and the X building starting from spring, are particularly popular. Additionally, the seating areas on the Social Field can also be used for studying.

If you are accompanied by a child, you can utilize the parent-child rooms at the library (C1-127, V1-207, and X-F1-227), which provide a play area for children and allow parents to work. Additionally, there are designated nursing and changing rooms available for your convenience.

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