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Any questions?

Do you have questions about BIS applications that have not yet been answered here?

Please contact us!

You are applying to Bielefeld University and would like to create a timetable already, even if your enrolment is not completed yet? Then create a guest account to the electronic course catalogue (eKVV)!

You can change this guest account into a regular approval later on, once you have received your Matriculation number and your password. With the support of a guest access, out-of-town users can also save events in the timetable and thus be reached via the electronic mailing list(s).

You choose your own username and password, the approval is anonymous.

Click here to go directly to the registration page in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV)

Not for occasional students or external students

Occasional students

The guest acounts are not intended for students with occasional student status. As an occasional student, you use the login via your Matriculation number (also called guest student number here) like all other students and can thus use all BIS services without restriction.


The guest acount is also not intended for external users. If you are not an employee of the university and are not enrolled as a student, but still need access to the BIS services (e.g. learning rooms, learning roomsPlus), an external approval can be created for you.

Here is how it works: Approval of BIS for external users

Which ekvv-functions can I use with a guest access and which not?

With a guest account almost all eKVV functions are available for students are available to students. If you also save an e-mail address in the electronic course catalogue (ekvv) for your guest account, you can also use it to participate in the electronic mailing list(s) for students.

This does not apply to functions that only affect enrolled students, such as displaying their own enrollment data, using the appointment scheduling function, and accessing the BA/MA Examination Management, as well as using the learning platforms connected to the electronic course catalogue (eKVV).

Participate in place allocation procedures with a guest account

As a rule, it is not necessary for users with guest account to participate in place allocation procedures. However, in rare cases, first-year students who have not yet received their enrollment data may be required to take attendance-restricted courses. In this case, choose your user name after your first and last name so that those responsible for allocating places can assign you and, if necessary, speak to the teaching staff, instructors, lectures about the fact that you are on the participation list with a guest access.

After enrolment: switch guest account

Students of Bielefeld University can convert their guest account into a regular account as soon as the enrolment is completed and the Matriculation number and initial password have been transmitted.

For the conversion you have to log in with your matriculation number login at the user administration of the electronic course catalogue (eKVV). Under "my eKVV" you will find the menu item "Change guest access" under the heading "Settings".

Then enter your guest user name and your guest user password. Your settings and timetables will be completely transferred and you can always use your matriculation number login to log in from this point on. Your guest account will be deleted during the changeover.

For further information on logging in via Matriculation number, please refer to this page.

External users can also change their guest access to approval via Uni-ID in this way.

Forgotten your guest account password?

Since guest accounts are created anonymously, it is only possible to restore the approval if an e-mail address was previously approved in the guest account. In this case, you can contact BIS support by e-mail and receive a new password, which will then be sent to the e-mail address activated in the electronic course catalogue (ekvv). In the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) you can then set your own password again via the 'Password' page.

If you have not entered an email address in your guest account, the approval cannot be restored and the approval may be lost.

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