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Access to BIS for University staff

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Access to BIS for University staff

The “BIS” user management system is used at the University to handle all campus management applications (e.g. electronic course catalogue - eKVV, staff and department directory, examination administration) and associated services (e.g. learning platforms, EvaSys survey and evaluation software). Each employee is given a “BIS user account” which  enables users to seamlessly navigate between the different applications in BIS and reduces the number of different accounts needed.

We offer two-factor authentication for staff who use the BIS exam management application and for anyone who wants to add extra security to their BIS account.

This page explains which services members of staff can use with their BIS account.

BIS services for all employees

In the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) the following tools are available for teachers and their respective faculty offices to organise their courses.

The starting point is the “My events” webpage, which is the landing page after staff members have logged in to the electronic course catalogue (eKVV).

List of participants and course registration management
View the current list of students who have registered on your course and edit this where necessary using the registration management function. Manage student access to learning spaces and the reach of your mail distribution lists.

Add comments
You can add a course synopsis, stipulate course requirements and add course reading requirements.

Reporting of credits
You can use the attendance list as a basis for reporting credits achieved by students to the examination office responsible.

Email distribution list
Use the dynamic email distribution list for your course. You can write to individual students or a group of students within your course or allow tutors to use your automatic eKVV email distribution list.

Offer appointments to students online
Allow your students to book appointments for consultation online.

Attendee statistics
In addition to the list of participants, you can also view statistics that give an overview of the degree programmes and subjects semesters in which the students on your course are enrolled.  

Course scheduling
Teachers can mark individual course events as cancelled so that students can be informed in good time, to allow the central room allocation department additional planning options and to keep the course information on the display boards in the hall up to date.

Further information
Our help pages are currently in the process of moving. Further information on the electronic course catalogue eKVV services for teaching staff and their respective faculty offices can be found in the BIS Wiki.

Register for courses and seminars:
Staff members with a BIS account can also access the students' electronic course catalogue eKVV and create a study timetable there. To do so, they must log in to the eKVV for students. For this purpose, use the link "Log in for students" on this page, even if you use your BIS staff login details to log in:
Log in to eKVV

After logging in, seminar and course events can be added to the timetable. Staff members will then appear with their Uni.ID and name on the list of participants for the event. Through the menu button “my eKVV” located along the top menu bar, you can access different timetable views (top menu left) and see the courses you are taking.

Obtain codes for rental bikes:
Staff and students of the university have the opportunity to use “mein Siggi” rental bikes at reduced rates (60 minutes per ride free of charge, as well as a reduced night rate). The “mein Siggi” network comprises 600 rental bikes at 60 stations in Bielefeld. Employees can retrieve their rental code in the eKVV here:
Codes for rental bikes

View student statistics
You can also view student statistics in the eKVV, for example, on the enrolment of students in subject semesters per faculty, and in which programme or subject-specific regulations (FsB), broken down into male and female students. These figures can be used to estimate capacity, to keep track of new enrolments in the first semester, as well as to determine the number of students within particular subject-specific regulations (FsB)

The help pages for student statistics can (still) be found in the BIS Help Wiki:
Student statistics in the eKVV

Publish appointments for booking:
All university staff can publish consultation appointments in eKVV, which can then be booked directly by interested parties. Read more about offering and managing appointments here: "My appointments".

You can set up appointments on the "My appointments" page in the eKVV:
"My appointments in the eKVV".

Upload teaching material and current information directly to your teaching event and apply various e-learning options: Introduction to the learning platforms of Bielefeld University

You can manage your personal profile in the directory of staff and departments.

To do so please go to this page in the directory (PEVZ)
"My personal details"

Upload your own photo
You can upload your own photo to the personal directory and change it at any time.

Office hours, homepage addresses, CV and more
You can edit your office hours in the personal directory. You can also add your curriculum vitae and add a summary of your current research topics.

Create business cards and door signs
You can create business cards and door signs for yourself and others with the corporate design of Bielefeld University.

Use call forwarding
You can divert your phone to internal or external phone numbers.

Further information
See our help pages for further information on the directory (PEVZ) for employees:

The University uses the software EvaSys for course evaluation. This is organised within the faculties by evaluation officers (so-called EvaSys “subunit administrators”). You can find out whether course evaluation using EvaSys is already being used in your faculty and who is responsible for it in your department, for example, by contacting the dean of studies in your faculty. After registering through the administrator, you can access EvaSys via your usual BIS login. (Teaching staff usually receive their course evaluation report by email directly after the evaluation has been completed). Further information on course evaluation can be found here.

BIS services for which additional access rights must be applied for

In all BIS applications, staff members who perform input, maintenance and administration tasks for their area require additional access rights. The corresponding request forms can be found on this page: Additional access rights

Furthermore, the following services are currently coupled to the BIS user management system:

  • EvaSys course evaluation
  • Database of modules
  • The student administration in HISinOne (for employees of the Studierendensekretariat (student office)

New account or forgot password?

To access all BIS applications (personal directory, electronic course catalogue (eKVV), etc.) you need the BIS login. This is generated automatically - as soon as you are registered in the PEVZ - and is already waiting for you. You can pick it up via our self-service.

On the password self-service page you can access your login name, and the system will send you a provisional password to the email address registered to your name in the staff and department directory (PEVZ). If your email address is not listed in the PEVZ, then the email saved to PRISMA will be used.

Even if you have only forgotten your password, you can use the self-service. To authenticate yourself, you must enter either your Uni.ID or your date of birth as part of the self-service.

If you don’t know your Uni-ID, then you can log on the PRISMA portal (link above) with your user name. A number sequence will be displayed in the in the top right-hand corner of the header next to your name. This is your Uni-ID. If you cannot log in to PRISMA, please send an email to BIS Support, explaining your situation and provide us with your date of birth so that we can find your Uni.ID for you.

You cannot use the self-service option here if you are not (yet) listed in the directory (PEVZ). Please find below details on how to add yourself to the directory and what information you need to provide in order to do so.
My PEVZ entry

If BIS does not know your personal email address, it cannot send you a password. You must have an email address listed either in the directory (PEVZ) or in PRISMA. If there is no email listed, or only a functional email address, then we will not send the login details by email to you.

If BIS does not yet know your Uni-ID, then no BIS account login will have been automatically generated for you. You will then see a prompt telling you that we need your Uni-ID.
More information here: Uni-ID

If you are already listed in the directory (PEVZ) and know your Uni.ID, but the self-service function still doesn't work, or if you have any questions about your user access, please feel free to contact us directly: Contact BIS

Please also let us know if you have used the self-service function and you received an error message.

Do not send us your password under any circumstances! We will contact you as soon as your account is set up and provide you with a provisional password.

How do I change my password?

If you have been sent a password from the BIS support team, then you will need to change it to one you have chosen yourself as soon as possible. You can do this at any time on this page:

To do this, first log in with your user name and the password provided to you in the email by BIS. On the change password page, first enter your old password and then the new password in the input box and click on the "Set password" button. Your password has now been updated.

Please follow these instructions when choosing your new password to ensure that your password is secure. To protect your BIS account from unauthorised access or theft, we recommend using two-factor authentication.

Registration for employees who are also students

If you are both an employee and a student, please note that you although you can log in to the student eKVV (e.g. to see your study timetable) with your employee account, you won’t be able access the BIS applications the other way around, i.e. through your student account. It is best, then, if you use your staff account for all uses in BIS.

If you are logged in to the system (e.g. electronic course catalogue eKVV) with your matriculation account and then wish to access one of the applications for staff members (e.g. the directory PEVZ) then you will receive the error message: "This application is only accessible to staff members . The reason for this is that your login information is transferred between the BIS applications and the system recognises you as a "student" via your matriculation account. If this happens, you need to expressly log out (you will find a "log out" button in the top right menu of every BIS application) and log in again using your BIS staff account.

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