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BIS-accounts for students

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Registration for students

Students at Bielefeld University register with all BIS services such as the eKVV and the BIS Examination Management, at the learning rooms and at the application and status portal of the Student Office using their Matriculation number and BITS password.

Matriculation number and initial password

Your matriculation number and initial password will be sent to you with your enrolment to the email addresses you entered during your application.

Alternatively, you will find your matriculation number - this is a 7- or 8-digit number - in the payment information for enrolment (in the control sheet for online enrolment). It can also be found on the front of your UniCard. There it is referred to as 'UniID'. Do not use the library number printed on the back or your 5-digit applicant number!

You will also receive the BITS initial password together with the payment information. Of course, this password will only work until you have set yourself a new password. After that, you will have to use your self-selected password to log in to the BIS services.

Forgotten password

BIS approval for students is managed centrally in "Identity Management PRISMA". If you no longer know your password, you can reset it yourself in the PRISMA portal:

It may take several minutes for the changed password to reach the connected systems. Therefore, wait a certain amount of time before trying (again) with the new password.

Under the item 'Change passwords' you will find the option to set your web (Shibboleth) password. You can find more details on this help page of the BITS . There you will also find the contact details for BITS support if you need support resetting your password or have further questions about your approval.

If you also no longer know your PRISMA password, use the password reset function available on the PRISMA home page. Your new PRISMA password will then be sent to your email address. Please remember that it is not sufficient to reset the PRISMA password only, but that you will then have to reset the web (Shibboleth) password once as well in a second step.

Initial password does not work, or change password

Simply follow the instructions given in the previous section on 'I forgot my password'.

Problems with applicant login & initial password

As soon as you are enrolled and have become a student of the university, you can no longer use the applicant login that you created yourself for your email address. From this moment on, you must use your student login using your matriculation number. You can also recognise the transition from applicant to student status when you receive the welcome email with your access data. If you did not enter an e-mail address when you submitted your application, this change in status can unfortunately only be recognised by the fact that your applicant login no longer works, but your student login does.

If you did not save your welcome email or your control sheet for online enrolment with the initial password, you can restore your student login in this way: If you at least know your matriculation number, you can use the previously described way of password reset via the PRISMA portal. Here, the new initial password will be sent to the email address you used for your applicant login. Please note the information in the previous section about the different passwords you can (and must) set.

If you also no longer know your matriculation number, please contact the BITS User Advisory Service directly.

Guest account

If you will soon be studying at Bielefeld University but have not yet received your enrolment documents, it is possible to already create a timetable in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) via a guest account . As soon as you have received your matriculation number and your initial password, you can change your guest account directly to your matriculation number. You can find out how to create a guest account and later change it to your matriculation number on this page.

Students who are also employees

If you as a student take on the tasks of staff, e.g. as a tutor in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV), then you also need approval for staff. Depending on the role in which you want to use the BIS services, you will have to register in one way or the other.

When we talk about "students who are also staff", we mean people who are both enrolled as students and have an entry in the directory of staff and departments as staff. They have their matriculation login assigned by BITS at the time of enrolment and can also get approval for BIS for staff in parallel.

If you are both a member of staff and a student, you should know that although you can log into the electronic course catalogue (e.g. your timetable) for students with your staff account, you cannot access the staff applications with your matriculation access. The best solution is to use your staff account for all applications in BIS.

Students who are also staff members can be listed as teaching staff in the electronic course catalogue (ekvv) and thus independently organise tutorials, for example.

Student employees are often used to support teaching staff, instructors, lectures in their work with the learning space. There are two ways to do this:

  • Student employees enter the course in which they are tutors in their timetable and then access the participation list, which is transferred from the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) to the Learning Space. Based on the attendance list, the owners of the learning space can make the student employees "authors" who can work in the learning space with slightly restricted rights. Authors" registered in this way access the learning space or the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) with their student account; they do not need staff access to the BIS.
  • Owners of the learning space can enter staff members from the directory of staff and departments into the learning space and grant them editing rights for the learning space. If student employees are brought into the learning space in this way, they require employee access to the BIS, as their access rights are based on their employee status.

In both cases, student employees can only see limited data on the attendance list in the learning space (no matriculation numbers, only names) and cannot access attendance management, credit booking or other electronic course catalogue (ekvv) functionalities for teaching staff.

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