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PunktUm offers an office hour where you can ask questions about our offers and register for them. Initial feedback on your texts (e.g. motivation letters, reports) is also possible here.

Office hour

Tuesday 11:00 - 13:00

Thursday 11:00 - 13:00

In person or online via Zoom.





+49 (0) 521 - 106 - 3616

Our Team


Goals and objectives

University studies place high linguistic demands on all students: Linguistic competence is a key skill for all study activities. For foreign students, good academic and linguistic support therefore plays an important role in addition to social conditions.

Bielefeld University has a distinct international profile and therefore specifically teaches its international students key competencies that enable them to complete their studies at the university efficiently and successfully.

The staff of the PunktUm project are academically trained DaF teachers with many years of teaching experience who look at the (linguistic) situation of foreign students at Bielefeld University from the perspectives of linguistics and writing research. On this basis, they develop solutions for practice that specifically target the linguistic support of international students.

In concrete terms, this is currently being implemented through a modularly structured language support program that is tailored to the respective qualification phases (BA, MA, PhD). It addresses the specific language requirements and demands placed on students. It is designed to be both subject-specific and interdisciplinary. Through a broad spectrum of different offers, the language support program helps students to solve all communicative requirements of their studies. Since 1998, the program has successfully attracted third-party funding (from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, DAAD, etc.).

The entire concept of the PunktUm program responds to the increasing differentiation of studies for foreigners. Foreign students, for example, who attend a course of study in English at Bielefeld University, require different services than students in undergraduate courses.

The following graphic provides an overview of the PunktUm offerings:

Grafik mit einem Überblick über die drei Angebotssäulen von PunktUm

In order to ensure effective mentoring, the use of synergies makes sense. The program is therefore closely networked with the subjects and all other support institutions at the university. In this way, it contributes significantly to individual academic success as well as to increasing the general academic success rate of international students at Bielefeld University.

The cooperation partners of the PunktUm project at Bielefeld University are:

The close cooperation of all partners involved creates a framework that enables optimal calculability and plannability of the study stay. These are important decision-making criteria for highly qualified internationally mobile students when choosing Bielefeld University as a place to study.

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