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Student Services

Everything at a glance

In the Student Services area of the Application and status portal you will not only find information on your enrolment and re-enrolment status, but you can also change your contact details and download important documents.

Select the "My Studies" tile on the homepage of the Application and Status Portal to access the Student Services area.


Change role

If you have different roles in the Application and status portal (e.g. student and doctoral student), you can switch between them using the selection field in the upper right-hand corner. If you only have one role in the Application and status portal, the selection field is automatically hidden.

If you would like to change your default role, select the item "User Information" via the ≡ burger menu icon in the top left corner and then "define default role".


Your enrolment status

Here you can check your current enrolment status and see which subject semester you are currently in. If your matriculation is blocked, then this will also be displayed here.

You can also find further information here on enrolment and re-enrolment & fees.

Contact data

Update address

It is absolutely essential that your contact details are always up-to-date to ensure that you receive all messages, letters and emails from the University including the Student Office.

Only the address that is entered in the "Studium Korrespondenz" (engl. “study correspondence”) section is used for the purposes of the Student Office, the Examination Administration and for notices on application decisions.

If your address has changed, e.g. after a move, you can update it via the ≡ Burger menu icon → "User Information" → "Edit my contact data". To do this, click on the blue pencil next to the field you want to change. A pop-up window will now open in which you can edit the selected fields (see screenshot).

Update phone number

If your phone number has changed, you can update it via the ≡ Burger menu icon → "User Information" by selecting "Edit my contact data". To do this, click on the blue pencil next to the field you want to change. A pop-up window will now open in which you can edit the selected fields.

If you have entered more than one phone number, you can select a number here that will be used for correspondence with Bielefeld University. Please ensure that the number is formatted correctly when entering it: e.g. 0049 521 123456 or 0049-521-123456.

Change name

If your name has changed, you must submit an application to change your name on the University records to the Student Office.

Bills and Payments

Bank transfer data and receipt of payment

Via the ≡ Burger menu icon → "Student Services" you can find all payments you have made to Bielefeld University under the tab "Bills and payments". You can also check here at any time whether your semester fee transfer has been received (within the deadline) or whether, for example, it has incurred a late payment charge.

Use the magnifying glass in the Actions column to get a detailed breakdown of the semester fee.

Further information on semester fees and re-registration

Requested Reports / Reports

All documents for download

The following documents are available for downloading and printing under "Requested Reports / Reports":

  • BAfoeG (student grant) award letter
    (provided automatically)
  • Confirmation of leave of absence
    (will be provided after approval of the application for leave of absence)
  • Exmatriculation certificate
    (will be provided automatically after exmatriculation)
  • Semester certificates (Leporellos)
    (automatically provided since the 2018 semester)

Please note: Access to the application and status portal is only available for six months after exmatriculation. So please secure all relevant documents in good time. Once your access to the Application and status portal has expired, you will need to make any requests for certificates or documents directly to the Student Office.

You can find all applications, templates and forms in the download area of the Student Office.

Help & Advice

For general questions concerning the application and status portal as well as any administration procedures, you can contact the Student Office at Bielefeld University.

Further help on access and login

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