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Bielefeld IT Service Center

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PC rooms

At approximately 250 public computer workstations with direct Internet access, students of the University can surf, research, print, or even use the e-mail service.
Three course rooms with PC workstations are available to teaching staff of the faculties and departments for conducting training courses.
The computers are divided into 6 PC rooms (PC pools, course rooms, PC pool for women).

Scope of services

Room overview


Room PCs Scanner Software
V0-101 38 2 Software list
V0-218 48 2 Software list

Course rooms

Room PCs
(incl. Teaching-PC)
Beamer Software
U0-131 15 Yes Software list
U0-139 30 Yes Software list
U4-120 29 Yes Software list

PC-Pool für Frauen

Room PCs Beamer Software
T1-177 15 Yes Software list


Plan der PC-Räume im BITS (Draufsicht)

PCs in the library

In addition to the computers in the PC rooms, there are PCs in the departmental libraries. These have the software equipment of the PC pools.

Use of virtual PCs

For students who depend on the use of the software of the PCs and do not have the possibility to work on site, they can request approval for virtual use from their teaching staff, instructors, lectures.
Further information here (in German).

Opening hours

PC room


Weekend und Holiday
PC-Pool V0-101
Course room U0-131
for courses only
PC-Pool for women T1-177 closed closed

Rules of conduct

Our PC rooms offer a quiet working atmosphere that allows concentrated PC work at individual workstations.
We therefore ask all users to adhere to the basic rules:

  • Please remain quiet and do not engage in loud conversations.
    Exception: In a course room, if conversations are necessary as part of an event.
  • Please mute cell phones and do not talk on the phone.
  • Please carry only water as a beverage. Consumption of other beverages and food is not permitted.

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Environmentally conscious printing

  • Print only as much as absolutely necessary.
  • Print multi-page documents double-sided and/or 2 on 1.
  • Check whether documents can also be used purely digitally.

All these things can save paper and toner and thus contribute to more sustainability.


Since WS 21/22, students have had the opportunity to make printouts required for their studies in the PC pools. These are free of charge, in black and white and on A4 at the printers in the BITS possible.


  1. Open the document to be printed on the PCs in rooms V0-218 and V0-101, select the printer with the name "RICOHPrinterPoolV0-224" and send the print job.
  2. Go to the printers in the BITS vestibule V0-224 and take printout from one of the 3 printers. Different printouts are separated with a pink sheet.

Confidential Printing:

For confidential printouts, e.g. of personal data that should not be visible to third parties, the function "Confidential printing" can be used.

-> Instructions Confidential printing (in german)

Notes for teaching staff, instructors, lectures

The software equipment of the workstations in the public PC rooms may differ. Course instructors should therefore inform themselves about the installed programs before the start of the course (see equipment under PC rooms). If additional software or other versions of already installed products are required, BITS should be informed in good time (at least 2 weeks before the start of the course).

If course participants do not have an account in BITS, access authorizations can be activated for the project duration:
Application for guest accounts

Roomreservations should be made as early as possible via the electronic course catalogue (ekvv) (central Room Scheduling).


Target group

  • Students
  • Employees


  • BITS account + AD password


Mo.–Fr. 08:00–16:00 h
Tel.: 0521 106-12777


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