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Connect network drive under Mac OS

Network drives can be accessed both from the campus network and externally. However, it is a prerequisite that the computer has previously been connected to the Bielefeld University network via LAN, WLAN or VPN.


Establish LAN/WLAN connection with eduroam or via VPN to university.


Connect network drive

To set up the connection, proceed as follows:

  • Open Finder
  • Press Command + K (the window "Connect to server" opens).
  • Enter


    smb://AD; "username""username"

    "into the field "Server address".

    "username" stands for the respective BITS user name.


  • After entering the BITS password, all subfolders of\home are opened first. This is very time consuming as fs-home currently contains over 30000 folders.
  • Among the listed folders you will also find your own network drive (with full read and write permissions), whose name corresponds to the BITS user name.
  • The best thing to do now is to create an alias on the desktop: Drag the directory, press "ALT + Command" and drop it on the desktop.

Network drives of faculties/departments:
If you do not know the correct path for a group drive, please ask the responsible IT supervisor.


To avoid that the entry "HOME" is accessed by mistake in the favorites bar (very time consuming) you should delete this entry and only use the ALIAS for access.
Additionally you should deactivate the option "Connected Servers" via "Finder > Preferences > General", so that the connection "HOME" is also no longer displayed on the desktop.

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