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    Business trip. Businessman carrying suitcase, back view
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Business trips

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Good to know

The hotel booking portal HRS NRW does not offer filtering for accessible hotels. In order to search for accessible hotels, other booking portals must be used.

In addition to the above-mentioned regulations, further individual Disadvantage compensation can be applied for in justified individual cases, e.g. arrival the day before. If necessary, employees should seek advice before submitting an application.

Business trip. Businessman carrying suitcase, back view
© Adobe Stock #275350033

Business trips can be associated with additional barriers for people with disabilities. Depending on the type and extent of the participation impairment, severely disabled employees and trainees can make use of various Disadvantage compensations in order to fulfill the business trip assignment as unhindered as possible. Disability-related additional costs can be deducted in the process. Facilitations for travel to and from work as well as accommodations maintain the ability to travel and work. Accompanying persons can help to reduce barriers in the environment and contribute to a successful business trip.

Travel expenses

Severely disabled staff, people with a GdB of at least 50 and certain characteristic signs can make use of facilitations for travel to and from work, as well as for travel to and from work, and settle any costs incurred as a result.

Rail travel

Business travellers with a severe disability who are recognised as having at least one of the signs G, aG, Gl, Bl, Tbl or H can claim the costs of the next higher class.

Accompanying persons of severely disabled persons with sign B travel free of charge in the same carriage class. The same applies to assistance dogs, e.g. guide dogs for the blind, provided that the signs Bl and/or B are registered.

Orthopedic aids such as wheelchairs and walking aids can usually be transported free of charge by train. Since this regulation does not apply to all transport associations, affected staff, people should inform themselves in advance.

Cab rides

Walking distances of up to 15 minutes each way are generally considered reasonable during business trips. Exceptions are made for severely disabled persons with the signs G, aG, Gl, Bl, Tbl or H: they are entitled to reimbursement of the costs of necessary cab journeys. This can include travel during the business trip as well as travel to and from means of transportation such as train stations and airports. Cab rides are also reimbursed if mobility restrictions require the use of a cab, regardless of whether the person is severely disabled, e.g. after accidents.

Accommodation costs

An overnight stay is required if employees do not reach their destination or home by 10:00 p.m. in the evening or would have to start the journey before 6:00 a.m. to do so. For all overnight stays, employees with a severe disability (at least GdB 50) are generally entitled to a single room in the respective accommodation. The costs for this are reimbursable.

Daily allowance

As a rule, the daily allowance is reduced if business travelers are provided with full meals free of charge at the place of travel. However, a reduction of the daily allowance is not permissible if business travelers are permanently dependent on special food for medical reasons, such as food allergies, and this cannot be provided free of charge at the travel location. A medical certificate must be provided as proof. This disadvantage compensation applies regardless of an officially recognized (severe) disability or equality.

Accompanying persons

Severely disabled persons who require assistance from an accompanying person can have reasonable costs incurred as a result reimbursed as part of the incidental travel expenses. The prerequisite for reimbursement is that the symbol B for accompanying person or Bl for blind is entered in the severely disabled person's ID card and that an escort is required for the barrier-free execution of the business trip. The costs for accommodation and meals are reimbursable up to the same amount as reimbursed to the business traveler. The costs must be able to be substantiated with receipts.

Accompanying persons are automatically covered by statutory accident insurance for the project duration of the business trip.

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