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Drinking water

Drinking bottle is filled under a tap.
© Bielefeld University

Did you know that the tap water at Bielefeld University is drinkable? Some people have reservations about drinking the water from the tap at the University because they are concerned about old pipes, turbidity or limescale, for example. However, Bielefeld University has the drinking water tested annually with regard to various limit values to ensure that all values are within the normal range. The current test report with all tested values can be found under official announcements . In addition, the pipes are flushed automatically or manually after longer interruptions in use, so the water can be drunk without hesitation. By the way: Drinking tap water not only saves money, but also CO2: According to a study by the GUT Certification Society, the life cycle of bottled mineral water through filling, production, purification and disposal produces 586 times the emissions of the same amount of tap water. That's why it's worth bringing your own drinking bottle. You can fill it up not only at the taps, but also at the water dispensers in the main or X building.


Study by GUT Certifizierungsgesellschaft on behalf of tip: tap e.V. Comparison of the carbon footprint of mineral and drinking water.

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