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  • Centre for Aesthetics


    A puppet elephant rides on his cart while children and adults walk alongside him.
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About the Centre for Aesthetics


Since 2003, the Centre for Aesthetics (ZfĄ) has provided an institutional framework for a wide range of artistic and cultural activities at Bielefeld University. We regularly organise concerts, exhibitions and readings. Teaching staff, students and staff in administration and service are actively involved in our major cultural events "Nacht der Klänge" and "art/science-Festival". We are active in the fields of literature, visual arts, film and media, building culture and art/science.

The Centre for Aesthetics is also the central contact address for committed theatre groups and supports culturally ambitious projects in press and public relations work. Anyone who would like to be active themselves and realise their own project is welcome to contact us at any time so that we can consider together how the ZfĄ can provide support!

Simone Anderhub (Management / Programme Management)


Phone: +49 521 106-3067

Room: UHG T6-241


Julia Schirmacher (Cultural Manager)


Phone: +49 521 106-67513

Room: UHG T6-238


Wilfried Schüer (Cultural Manager)


Phone: +49 521 106-3068

Room: UHG T6-240


Janice Jensen (Research Assistant)


Phone: +49 521 106-3069

Room: UHG T6-239

Elected board members:

  • Prof. Dr. Gernot Akemann, Faculty of Physics
  • Prof. Dr. Lore Benz (Chairwoman of the Board), Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies
  • Prof. Dr. Helga Lutz, Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Voit, Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies, Art and Music Education


Members qua office:

  • Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kaasch, Vice-Rector for Science and Society
  • Simone Anderhub, Managing Director / Programme Director Centre for Aesthetics


Members with an advisory vote qua office:

  • Ingo Lohuis, Head of Communication Office
  • Julia Schirmacher, Cultural Manager Centre for Aesthetics
  • Wilfried Schüer, Cultural Manager Centre for Aesthetics
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Contact us

Bielefeld University
Centre for Aesthetics

Postfach 10 01 31
33501 Bielefeld

Universitätsstraߟe 25
33615 Bielefeld

Office: T6-240

Your Own Cultural Project

All interested parties have the opportunity to realise their own artistic projects at Bielefeld University. The Centre for Aesthetics is a first point of contact. Click here for further information (in German).

We're Always Looking for Event Helpers

We're always looking for short-term employees, who can help us with logistics during our events. Sign up for our mini-job newsletter and find out when we have vacant jobs (in German).

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