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It is necessary to make an application to both study programmes with admission restriction as well as study programmes without admission restrictions. For certain study programmes you may be required to take aptitude tests with varying deadlines. Both points apply whether applying for first semester studies or for applications to higher semesters.

What would you like to enrol for?

You have a German Abitur (German school-leaving certificate) or a German university degree and in the first semester would like:

  • to apply for a one-subject Bachelor with restricted admission or combination Bachelor, which contains at least one subject with restricted admission or
  • to apply for a one-subject Bachelor with no restricted admission or a combination Bachelor with no restricted admission

Please use the application and status portal (in German).

In the case you do not have a German Abitur or a German university degree, please use the online-application portal uni-assist.de.

All applications for Master?s degree applications (unrestricted / restricted) must be submitted via this online application form.

If you would like to apply for a Master of Education, please read this information (in German) beforehand.

Would you like to do a doctorate? Here you will find information on the doctoral procedure.

Here you will find information on how to apply to a higher subject-related semester (in German), for example, if you change universities, interrupt your studies or switch from one subject to another after several semesters.

Application for international students

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