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The page ‘Meine Veranstaltungen’ in the eKVV (electronic course catalogue) bundles the eKVV services for teaching staff. When teaching staff or secretary's offices register with the eKVV (electronic course catalogue), this page is the first to open and offers various activities related to course management, sorted by course.

To use the eKVV (electronic course catalogue), you need a staff account for the BIS.

Read here how to get your access: Access to BIS

Secretary's offices of teaching staff access the same page, as they can represent ‘their’ teaching staff in almost all tasks in the ekVV (electronic course catalogue). The assignment of secretary's offices to teaching staff is controlled via the PEVZ (Staff and Department Search). Please speak to the colleagues who are responsible for the PEVZ (Staff and Department Search) in your area if there are difficulties with the assignment.

The following page is only intended to help you find your way around the ‘Meine Veranstaltungen’ page for the first time and provides a brief overview of all the page's functions. For further help pages on the eKVV (electronic course catalogue), we recommend the BIS Wiki or the campus support pages, which are currently under construction.


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The page ‘Meine Veranstaltungen’ is set up for each teaching staff according to the same structure: A list of the courses offered for the set semester appears under a header with general information. While the title, the course's identification number [FL1] (German ‘Belegnummer’) and the name of the teaching staff are highlighted in bold, a series of actions are offered underneath for each course, this is repeated for each course.

Clicking on the course's identificaton number (German ‘Belegnummer’) opens the detailed view of the course, where its basic data can be viewed (but not edited). These include:

  • Dates (German ‘Termine’)
  • Subject allocation [FL2] (German ‘Fachzuordnung’)
  • Possible forms of examination (German ‘mögliche Prüfungsformen’)
  • Contact details of colleagues responsible for the eKVV (electronic course catalogue)

And much more …

The basic data of the course can only be edited by colleagues with input rights in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV). To see who is responsible for maintaining the electronic course catalogue (ekvv) in your area, click on the link "Kontakt" under the heading "Korrekturen?".

Semester selection and ‘Meine Aktionen’ (My actions)

The semester in the eKVV (electronic course catalogue) is always preset as the current semester. However, you can also navigate to past semesters via the menu.

A number of functions are offered under the item ‘Meine Aktionen’:

‘Meine Woche’ (My week)

Under this item you access your eKVV calendar, which displays all courses from the eKVV for the current week. You can also integrate this calendar into your personal electronic calendar in iCal format. You will find a corresponding link under the display of your weekly schedule.

‘Meine Ergebnismeldung’ (My examination reports)

Here you will find the archives of the academic achievements you have reported to the examination office, both for the current semester and for past semesters.

‘Meine Terminvereinbarungen’ (My appointments)

You can offer appointments for consulting hours via the eKVV, which can be booked directly online by university members. As soon as you have created and published free dates for booking, links for booking will be displayed with your entry in the PEVZ (Staff and Department Search) as well as in the eKVV (help pages on online appointments)

‘Lehrangebotserhebung’ (survey of the course offer)

At the end of each semester, you will be asked to report the number of courses you have offered. The ‘Lehrangebotserhebung mit eKVV-Unterstützung’ (survey of the course offer supported by the eKVV) makes it easier for you to fill out the corresponding form by pre-filling an electronic form with the course data from the eKVV.


Here you will find various ways to contact the students of your courses by mail. Dynamic mailing lists are available to you, as well as the option of writing to students individually. Read more about mail communication with students here: Kommunikation mit Studierenden

Course information

Under the item ‘Inhalte’ you will find possibilities to provide students with further information about your course.

Click ‘Kommentar’ (commentary) to create, add to or edit the course commentary that is displayed to students in the eKVV. Since this commentary is intended to help students plan their semester, it is very important to record here in concise form what students can expect in your course.

If you want to provide students with accompanying documents for the course, collect students' work electronically, make announcements that go beyond the eKVV commentary or have your lecture recorded, you can set up a so-called ‘Lernraum’ for the course here.

Read more about using the ‘Lernraum’ here: Lernraum

‘Teilnahmelisten’ (participation lists) and ‘Teilnahmemanagement’ (participation management)

Under the item ‘Teilnahmelisten’ you can view the participation lists for the course, which are based on the students' timetables. There you can also see which degree programmes and which subject related semesters ‘your’ students come from.

‘Teilnahmemanagement’ allows you to edit participation lists in such a way that you assign different participation statuses to students on the list (‘teilnehmend’ (attending), ‘nicht teilnehmend’ (non-attending), ‘Warteliste’ (waiting list)). Participation management is only available to teaching staff and their secretary's offices from the first course date onwards.

This help page explains the functions of the participation management: Teilnahmemanagement



‘Prüfungsleistungen’ (exam type and results)

Register ‘Prüfungs- und Studienleistungen’ (examination and study requirements/ credits) here and view the results already accepted by the examination office for your course.

Registering examinations is one of the most important functions of the eKVV for teaching staff, so be sure to familiarise yourself with this function!

To find out which 'Prüfungsleistungen' are required for your course according to the examination regulations, you can consult the ‘detailed view’ of your course in the eKVV.

Starting from the page 'Meine Veranstaltungen', you can access the 'detailed view' by clicking on the bold title of the course.


Under the item 'Termine' all dates of your course are displayed individually.

If you know in advance that an individual date will have to be cancelled, you should edit the individual date of your course by clicking on the small link 'Einzeltermine bereinigen' (clean up individual dates) on the right-hand side of the screen under 'Termine'. As cancelled course dates are displayed to students in their timetables, this is a good way to alert students to any cancellations. At the same time, centrally allocated rooms are freed up for other uses on the corresponding individual dates.

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