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    Culture at Bielefeld University  

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What is the Centre for Aesthetics?

Since 2003, the Centre for Aesthetics (ZfÄ) has provided an institutional framework for a wide range of artistic and cultural activities at Bielefeld University. We regularly organise concerts, exhibitions and readings. more...

Current Cultural Programme

  • © Stefan Mießeler

    Audio-Walk: Dog Days

    An audio walk with a dog and senior citizens for anyone interested. It is about life in old age, living together with a dog, the opportunities and challenges. The walk will cover personal stories and social issues relating to old age and the relationship between two-legged and four-legged friends.

    The first two walks will take place this weekend.

    Walk LEON: 22.06. / 15:00 / Meeting point: Sentana Hof Bielefeld
    Walk DOLLY: 23.06. / 15:00 / Meeting point: Combi-Markt Hoberge-Uerentrup car park
    DURATION: approx. 60 minutes
    Socially compatible dogs are welcome

    Tickets und further information (in German).
  • © sans sens

    Sweeter the bells never crimp!

    Come in droves and be there when the Ensemble sans sens rings the bells! You can hear Tom Johnson's composition "Nine Bells" (1979) as well as contemporary artistic reactions to this legendary work. It will be meditative, it will be wild, it will be bell-ringing!

    21.06.2024, 20:00
    Zionskirche Bethel, Am Zionswald 9, 33617 Bielefeld
    Admission free!

  • © Anime-Theater

    Based on "Psycho-Pass: Victims of the System" - an Anime-Theatre thriller

    A world of almost complete surveillance should be a safe world. Yet a man is found strangled to death in a highly secure residential complex. How could this have happened? The characters in the series investigate.

    The dates are:
    22.06., 15:00
    23.06., 15:00

    Each in Lecture Hall H7 in the main university building, admission is free.

    Further information (in German)...
  • Veranstaltungsplakat: Geschnittenes Portrait des Autors Martin Kohan.

    Reading with Martín Kohan (bilingual)

    The Argentinian writer will be reading on 25 June at 6 pm in the lounge of the Fachsprachenzentrum (Language Centre). The translator of his books published by Suhrkamp, Peter Kultzen, will also be present and translate into German.

    Further information (in German)
  • Flyer of the exhibition
    © Zentrum für Ästhetik

    Photo Exhibition: StadtGestalten


    Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00

    Library Service Centre (Bibliotheksdienstleistungszentrum) U0 (Access via U1)

    Further information (in German)
  • Konzertplakat: Schwarz/blaue Formen. Davor der Schriftzug "Three in One" und eine Auflistung der beteiligten Bigbands

    8th triple concert of the UniBigband

    Three big bands will be playing in Lecture Hall 1 on 28 June at 7.30 p.m. The director of the UniBigband (UBB), Hans-Hermann Rösch, has invited the big band of the Gymnasium Bethel (director: Martin Gentejohann) and BiBop, the big band of the Musik- und Kunstschule Bielefeld (director: Stephan Schulze). The UBB will play titles from the current news project "UniBigBand plays ... the Music of Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays". Admission is free.

    Further information (in German)

Cultural Activities at the University:

  • a singer and a guitarist
    © Bielefeld University


    (in German)

  • White plastic rabbits on a colourful table
    © Bielefeld University


    (in German)

  • Exhibition of pictures, a sculpture and projection
    © Bielefeld University


    (in German)

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