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    Change of degree programme

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Change of Degree Programme

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Application for Change of Degree Programme

You can order applications for Change of degree programme with the attached printed form from the Student Office.

You may request to

  • change your subject/degree programme,
  • start an additional degree programme,
  • change from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s degree programme,
  • switch to a related subject/degree programme in a higher semester [Quereinstieg],
  • commence doctoral studies or
  • enrol in an academic degree programme.

Basically, you have to submit a request to change your degree programme to the student office during the Rückmeldezeitraum [closing date for re-enrolment] or, at the latest, on

  • November 15 for the winter semester or
  • May 15 for the summer semester.

In order to change the degree programme, the semester fee must be paid. If the value date of the semester fee is after the end of the re-enrolment period, a late fee of €10 is required. However, if you request to change to a degree programme with restricted admission, you have to submit a new application (see info box below) and comply with the deadline announced in your notice of admission. If you would like to switch to a related subject/degree programme in a higher semester [Quereinstieg] you must enclose the printed form on which the appropriate faculty of Bielefeld University documents how many transferable study semesters you have been credited with.

If required, you may have to enclose further documents such asthe first university degree certificate when changing to master / doctoral studies (for more information, go to the Anmerkungen zu den Einschreibungsunterlagen).

The request to change to admission-restricted programs or master's programs always requires an additional application by the applicable deadlines.

For degree programmes over, degree programmes with local admissions restrictions [örtlichen Zulassungsbeschränkungen], master courses and change of degree programmes with restricted admission in a higher semester [höhere Fachsemester], it is essential for you to comply with the given application deadlines. Simultaneous enrolment in two degree programmes with restricted admission is not permissible.

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