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CITEC Building

The CITEC building (formerly research building for interactive intelligent systems) was officially opened on Wednesday 16 October 2013 as the first building to be completed on the new Campus North. The building provides cutting-edge research conditions for scientists from the six disciplines of informatics, biology, linguistics, mathematics, psychology and sports sciences. Seventeen research groups from the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) can collaborate closely across disciplines here.

The interdisciplinary central laboratory enables the researchers to explore cognitive interaction processes using the very latest instruments in a hitherto undreamt-of resolution.

The building is divided into three upper floors, the ground floor and basement. One of the special features of the building is that each storey varies in height. The administration and meeting areas are located on the upper floors. The laboratory area, which demands a greater floor height and has increased static requirements, is located on the ground floor. The stairwell, the glazed courtyard and transparent wall elements create an atmosphere of openness.

Building commencement January 2011
Topping out ceremony 23 February 2012
Completion Second quarter 2013
Moving in date July 2013
Useable floor area 5.300 square meters
Building contractor BLB NRW Bielefeld
General planning Carpus + Partner AG
Investment in large scientific instruments 2.3 millionen euros
Total cost around 32 million euros
  • view on the CITEC Building from bird's eye view
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    "Inspiration 1" is the address of the new CITEC research building.
  • Construction work with cranes
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    September 2011: The ground level of the CITEC-Building assumes shape.
  • Group Photo at the topping out ceremony
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    23 February 2012: Shell Construction is finished. Hans-Jürgen Simm (former chancellor), Professor Dr. Helge Ritter, Heinrich Mikus, Senior mayor Pit Clausen, Rolf Krähmer and Dr. Uwe Günther (f.l.) celebrate at the topping out ceremony.
  • The CITEC Building shown from above, when it's almost finished
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    July 2012: Construction work proceeds.
  • Group Photo while moving into the new CITEC-Building
    July 2012: Construction work proceeds.
    July 2013: Removal into the new CITEC-Building. Dr. Sven Wachsmuth (Head of the central laboratory), Prof. Dr. Helge Ritter, CITEC-Executive director Anita Adamczyk and Dr. Robert Haschke with Bielefeld's robot head Flobi.
  • Lage windows in the staircase
    Photo: Susi Freitag
    The corridors and rooms of the building have large windows that let in a lot of natural light.
  • Open rooms in the CITEC-Building
    Photo: Susi Freitag
    Open plan meeting areas as well as tea kitchens on all four floors create an informal forum to exchange ideas.
  • Foyer in the CITEC Building
    Photo: Susi Freitag
    A large and light foyer welcomes visitors.
  • facade of the CITEC Building
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Striking and easily to recognise: The black facade of CITEC sparkles in the sunshine.
  • Sparkling facade of the CITEC Building
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Striking and easily to recognise: The black facade of CITEC sparkles in the sunshine.
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