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Building Z

In February 2018, construction work began on the university's new office building at the "Konsequenz", and ten months later the new building was inaugurated. It is used by the Faculty of Education, which is largely housed there. In 2020, it was extended by an additional part of the building. The extension doubles the usable area of the building to a total of 5,000 square metres of main floor space. In the process, additional office space with workstations for the Faculty of Medicine was created. The building is located between the lecture hall building Y and the H-building. The front part along the "Konsequenz" extends over four floors, the part behind it has three floors.

Building commencement February 2018
Completion October 2018
Useable floor area 2.500 square meters
Offices 120
Building contractor Bielefeld University
Planned costs 9.5 million euros
Building commencement of extension (Z2) February 2020
Completion End of 2020
  • Energy standard: BEG 100 (almost BEG 70 in terms of primary energy demand)
  • Building material: concrete
  • Energy source: electricity mix, natural gas, heat from CHP
  • Type of ventilation: Z.1 (with heat recovery), Z.2 (without heat recovery)
  • Energy generation: PV system (49.59 kWp - extension to Z.2 planned), CHP plant
  • View of the building extension Z2
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    October 2020: The building extension Z2 is nearing completion
  • A crane sets down a module for the extension of the Z-building
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    May 2020: The new modules for the extension of the Z-building are installed.
  • Visualisation of the extension of the Z-building
    Visualisation: Kleusberg GmbH & Co. KG
    Visualisation of the extension of the Z-building (Z2)
  • An excavator on a mound of earth - first construction work
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    February 2020: First construction work for the extension of the Z-building (Z2)
  • Visualization of the building z
    Visualisierung: Kleusberg GmbH & Co. KG
    There will be 120 offices in the new building south of the Main University Building.
  • Visualization of the Building Z
    Photo: Kleusberg GmbH & Co. KG
    The new building on “Konsequenz” consists of two building elements.
  • Campus map with a mark, where the Building Z will be
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    The office building will be situated between the H-Building and the new building for Experimental Physics.
  • First construction works with excavators
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    February 2018: Construction work begins.
  • Areal view on the site, where the base plate is set
    Photo: Bielefeld University
  • Production of the moduls in a production hall
    Photo: Kleusberg GmbH & Co. KG
  • A Crane holds a modul at the site
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Current result: excavation work is completed and the foundation is cast.
  • The last modul is set on the new Building Z
    Photo: Bielefeld University
  • Representatives cut the ribbon at the opening of the Building Z
    Photo: Bielefeld University
  • Large Letter "Z" in front of the Building
    Photo: Bielefeld University
  • Office in the new Building Z
    Photo: Bielefeld University
  • Photo of the new building
    Photo: Bielefeld University
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