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Lecture Hall Building Y

The new Lecture Hall Building Y is being built just a few metres from the main university building. A lecture hall with about 700 seats and three seminar rooms will be erected in the direct vicinity of Building Z. The construction of the new Lecture Hall Building will create additional space for teaching. During the modernisation measures of the first construction phase, the Audimax in the main university building will only be available until the end of 2019. The new Lecture Hall Building was planned as the University could not do without its largest lecture hall for an extended period of time. In addition, the University also has a need for additional teaching space in the long term.

Completion date 2020 (planned)
Main usable area 1010 m²
Lecture Hall 1 (700 Plätze)
Seminar rooms 3
Building owner Bielefeld University
Overall costs about 13,3 Million Euros
  • aerial photo of the main building with a mark at the places where the building Z and the Lecture Hall Building will be
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    The new Lecture Hall Building will be built on ‘Konsequenz’ street
  • Four models for the new building at the architecture contest
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Architecture contest in May 2018: The Jury picked four favourites.
  • architect, Chancellor and Rector in front of the winning design
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    August 2018: Chancellor Dr. Stephan Becker (left) and Rector Professor Dr. -Ing Gerhard Sagerer (right) present together with the architect Roland Bondzio (centre) the winning design
  • Digital visualization of the new Lecture Hall Building with a light facade and a big window facade
    Photo: Behet Bondzio Lin
    Light and modern: This is what the new Lecture Hall Building will look like
  • Digital Visualization of the lecture hall
    Photo: Behet Bondzio Lin
    The planned lecture hall will accommodate 700 students.
  • Digital Visualization of the entrance
    Picture: Behet Bondzio Lin
    A lavish entrance hall will welcome visitors into the building.
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony with the Chancellor and the Vice-Rector
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Chancellor Stephan Becker and Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Claudia Riemer (from left) celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new lecture hall Y.
  • Groundwork for the new Building
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    November 2019: The groundwork is in full swing.