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The new R6 building is part of the Site Concept Campus South presented at the end of 2019, which considers the integration of the Faculty of Medicine structural implementation into the campus. A total of seven construction projects for the Faculty of Medicine will be realised in the coming years.


Anatomy building for the Medical School OWL

The Anatomy Building R6 will in future be located on the new central square south of the Consequence. According to the site concept, the building is a four-storey rectangular cube with an indented main entrance that opens onto the central square. In total, the building houses around 2,800 square metres of main usable space.  

The ground floor and basement contain a lecture hall for around 300 people. The levels above contain practical and seminar rooms as well as the prosecture, preparation and histology departments. About half of the building is divided into public and restricted areas. A technical centre is located on the roof.

Construction is scheduled to start at the end of 2022, and after a construction period of around two years, completion is planned for Q1 2025.

Start of construction end of 2022

Q1 2025 (planned/ status 09/2023)

Main usable area

around 2.759 square meters

Building owner Bielefeld University
Construction costs around 40 million euros
Use Anatomy building of the Medical School OWL
  • Energy standard: BEG 40
  • Building material: CO2-reduced concrete
  • Energy source: electricity mix, district heating
  • Type of ventilation: ventilation system with heat recovery (75%)
  • Energy generation: PV (approx. 70 kWp)
  • Visualisation of the new anatomy building
    Bielefeld University
    The anatomy building will open up towards the central square in the future.
  • Map of the Site Concept Campus South
    Bielefeld University
    The R6 is part of the Site Concept Campus South, which integrates the Medical School OWL into the existing campus.
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