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  • Site Concept for Campus South

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Site Concept for Campus South

The Medical Faculty OWL buildings are being constructed to the south of the main university building. The site concept, which the University has developed together with the renowned architect and planning office AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH, sees these building integrated into Campus South. This concept goes far beyond the planning of individual buildings. In the next step, the concept will be presented to the city authorities.

The concept integrates the medical faculty into the existing campus south of the main university building.  A ring (loop) running around the main building is planned to connect different areas with the other and be largely free of cars.

The idea is to create places to enjoy spending time with attractive green spaces, squares and seating. When planning the height of the floors for the building, care was taken to ensure that the trees at the edge of the building would still be visible from the main building. The building will be integrated into the slop – the topographical conditions will be taken into account and incorporated into the concept

  • Visualisation Campus Boulevard
    Visualisation: WES
    Visualisation of the Campus Boulevard - Central Square.
  • Visualisation "Green Fingers"
    Visualisation: WES
    Visualisation "Green Fingers" with view to the southwest.
  • Visualisation main entrance Campus South
    Visualisation: WES
    Visualisation of the main entrance to Campus South with view to the west.
  • Concept of the Campus including the new campus south
    Foto: Universität Bielefeld
    The site concept integrates the Medical Faculty into the existing campus south of the main university building.
  • Campusplan mit Medizingebäuden
    Visualisierung: AS+P
    The new buildings of the Medical Faculty are all marked with an "R" and numbered consecutively
  • Hauptgebäude mit markiertem, umlaufenden Ring
    A ring will run around the main building and connect the areas.
  • Fresh air corridors in the site concept
    Two large undeveloped aisles will provide fresh air around the main university building and in the adjacent areas. This is an important contribution to Bielefeld's urban climate.
  • Visualisation of the height of the new buildings showing that the forest will still be visible from the main building
    The edge of the forest will remain visible from the main building, the floor heights will be planned accordingly.
  • representatives of the university in front of the site concept for Campus South
    Foto: Universität Bielefeld
    In December 2019, Rector Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Sagerer, Chancellor Dr. Stephan Becker, Head of Facility Management Dr. Christian Schepers, Managing Director of the Faculty of Medicine OWL Dr. Frank Lohkamp (from left) presented the site concept for Campus South.

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