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  • Building projects


    © Bielefeld University

Building X

Building X forms the prerequisite for the modernisation measures of the main university building (UHG) and at the same time represents the link to the new Campus North with the CITEC building and the University of Applied Sciences. Bielefeld University officially opened the building in June 2014.

The following facilities have found their place here on around 27,800m² of main floor space: The Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology, the Faculty of Sociology and the associated specialist libraries, the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS), the Social Science Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 882 - From Heterogeneities to Inequalities), the Interdisciplinary Institute for Conflict and Violence Research (IKG) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (IZG, formerly IFF) as well as the central canteen of the Bielefeld Student Union with cafeteria for the University and the University of Applied Sciences.

A traffic-calmed boulevard runs in front of Building X as a structural counterpart to the main building. The entrance forum forms the "communicative heart" of the building, which is divided into a two-storey base with the public uses (refectory, library, lecture halls) and the faculties organised in four multi-storey rings.

Start of construction January 2011
Topping-out ceremony 11. May 2012
Completion 1st quarter 2014
Move-in 2nd quarter 2014
Main usable area 27.739 m²
Association for Student Affairs (total area) 7.500 m²
Library (total area) 6.500 m²
Lecture Hall 8
Seminar rooms 21
Parking spaces approx. 350
Building owner BLB NRW Bielefeld
General planning agn Niederberghaus & Partner, Ibbenbüren
Overall costs aprox. 130 millionen Euro
  • Start of construction work for building X
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    April 2011: Start of construction of the replacement building opposite the main university building.
  • Group picture of representatives with the capsule with the certificate
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    23.05.2011: Reginbert Taube (BLB NRW), Hans-Jürgen Simm (then Chancellor), Heinrich Micus (BLB NRW), Science Minister Svenja Schulze, Detlef Helling (Mayor of the City of Bielefeld) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Sagerer (Rector) (from left) sink the capsule with the certificate into the foundation stone.
  • Top view of the shell of building X
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    13.06.2012: The shell of the new replacement building.
  • Group picture at the handover of the last control panel
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    13.06.2012: Handing over the last formwork panel for the new replacement building (from left): Lord Mayor Pit Clausen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Sagerer, Ralf Thönnissen, then Chancellor Hans-Jürgen Simm, Reinhold Peter, Dr. Reginbert Taube and Rüdiger Stallberg.
  • Aerial view of the building X
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Building X is located in close proximity to the main university building on the South Campus.
  • A person walks on one of the paths connecting the UHG with building X
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Building X is only a few steps away from the main university building.
  • Lecture hall in building X
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Building X has eight lecture halls and 21 seminar rooms.
  • Aisle in the library in building X
    Photo: Nina Hinkers
    Seven specialist libraries of the University Library have moved into Building X.
  • Stairs in the entrance area of building X
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    A colourful staircase leads to the first floor of Building X.
  • Seating area of the refectory in building X
    Photo: Bielefeld University
    Up to 7,500 meals can be served daily in the new refectory in Building X.

University canteen, Cafeteria & Cafébar - Gastronomy in Building X

University canteen filled with people
© Bielefeld University

This is where the old and new campuses grow together: The central canteen of the Studierendenwerk Bielefeld combines the catering for the university and the university of applied sciences.

In the 3,600m² refectory (with around 1,900 seats), up to 7,500 meals can be served daily. But it is not only in terms of space that the refectory sets new standards: the meals are always offered for individual composition.

Food serving area of the university canteen, photographed from the salad buffet
© Bielefeld University

The individual food components (meat and meatless components, potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables, salad and desserts) are available for selection at various counters and points of sale. In addition, the food offer is also differentiated in terms of quality: Organic products complement the choices, as do special special offers (e.g. grill or wok), where food is cooked and served "live" in front of the guests at action counters.

At times when the number of guests is lower, the large selection remains guaranteed: The serving area is mirror-image doubled, so that in weaker times one half can be closed without reducing the variety of the offer. In addition, the guest area can be divided twice to create an appropriate room size depending on the number of guests.

Outside of refectory hours, the new cafeteria - with its own kitchen - also offers warm snacks in Building X in addition to the usual range. In addition, there is a new café bar on the 1st floor: The concept developed especially for Studierendenwerk cafeterias under the heading "Into the Green" focuses on sustainability - fair-trade products make up the special approach. In addition to coffee specialities, tea, drinking chocolate, soft drinks and smoothies are also available here.

A spacious room of approx. 120m² for special events - such as small buffets or similar. - rounds off the services offered by the Studierendenwerk in Building X.

The closure of the UHG canteen and cafeteria in the first construction phase was compensated for by the parallel reopening of the canteen, cafeteria & café bar in Building X. A new spacious UHG cafeteria will be realised in the first construction phase. During this construction phase, temporary facilities will also meet the needs of the UHG.

Library - New home for more than 600,000 books

Students at the workstations in the library of Building X
© Bielefeld University

More than half a million books, journals and series moved into Building X together with the faculties and research departments. As before, academics and students have their literature "within reach".

The specialist libraries for history, philosophy, theology, sociology, art, geography and women's studies are combined in Building X.

A foyer with glazed walls already gives visitors a glimpse of the interior of the library, which - like the entire building - is equipped with WLAN. In the entrance area, a central information and circulation desk forms a first point of contact for library users. The workstations for users are located along the outer facade.

The entire library space is subdivided by atriums, where the discussion rooms (with modern presentation technology) are located. There are about 350 individual workstations for concentrated work, supplemented by group workstations in discussion rooms as well as PC workstations and a small lounge area.

Just like in the main building, the library in Building X is also an open access library - with new technology for securing books and improving services. This means that library users can also book their books themselves at the corresponding terminals when borrowing and returning them.

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